Leads ChatBot Kenya is Working Towards a Solution for Poor Customer Support in the Country

Kenyan customer service has acquired a bad rep over the years.  Bad customer service especially when it comes to customer support is a norm in country. Kenyans have fervently expressed their displeasure at poor customer service if the Twitter feeds and Facebook posts are anything to go by. Consumers are getting tired of the boring and unmotivated customer service reps and are turning to social media to voice their grievances.

So it begs the question, what can entrepreneurs running businesses or startups do to improve the quality of interaction between consumers and customer service reps in Kenya? How can businesses ensure that they are servicing their customers to the best of their abilities?

One Kenyan based startup is working to a solution of unsatisfactory customer support for  businesses in the country through the use of chatbots. Leads ChatBot is an interactive chat bot developed by Design Pixel and set to go live in a few weeks in Kenya. It aims to help replace static web forms and boring sales reps who ask the same questions over and over making the process unbearable. It hopes to make the sales process seamless, interactive and effective.

The ChatBot collects data from website visitors – 24/7, fully on autopilot and unlike static web forms and sales reps, the ChatBot aims to help users in building email lists, scheduling appointments, generating leads, collecting feedback, making surveys and much more.  It incurs t a very minimal cost compared to hiring sales teams and or running social media bots as used by most businesses across the globe.

Leads ChatBot believes that, the best way to convert a website’s visitors into customers is by engaging them in a conversation rather than asking them to fill forms. The startup says that the Leads chatbots can provide many benefits to Kenyan businesses when fully utilized.

The Benefits to be expected

  • You can spend 50% less on sales and small business owners would no longer have to deal with lines of codes to create anything else.
  • The ChatBot would save users a lot of time, as all they have to do is create a chat widget which supports multiple languages and helps users to easily track their ChatBot conversations.
  • It gives users insights on the customer responses received.

Leads ChatBot is expected to be launching in a few days and is now open for beta tests for the first 100 users only. The first users will go on to enjoy a full month free of pro-edition. The bot in also integrated with Messenger, Slack and Wechat ChatBot



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