Improve Your Future Prospects by Deleting Your Old Embarrassing Twitter Posts

In our social media and IOT age, we are more connected than ever before. Social media platforms like Twitter have grown so significantly that almost everyone is on the internet. As people try to get the coveted blue verified tick to solidify their Twitter identities, they sometimes overdo it, posting awkward and embarrassing Twitter  posts which always results to unhealthy levels of humiliation from the Twitter community.

Almost all Twitter users have found themselves in uncomfortable situations after uploading mildly regrettable posts on the platform. Since the App is mostly used as a platform to express grievances against social injustices, corruption, government scandals among others, a lot of people feel compelled to express their varied views and opinion which can sometime land them in trouble.

The most affected people are the ones who regurgitate propaganda -consumed from ‘Fake News’ Sources – via comments and retweets without confirming the credibility of the content they are sharing. Some of the posts can be so disconcerting, that it almost seems the users don’t think twice before clicking “upload”. Whichever the situation, everybody regrets social media cringe-worthy-posts.

You may consider yourself a meticulous twitter user now but, you never know what you might have posted some years back that could be dug up and leveraged against you. With corporate institutions and government agencies taking an interest in employee online identities, you should be very careful about what you post online. It could have serious ramifications to your career, relationships and even your general health.

Unfortunately Twitter is yet to provide users with a viable option to delete old posts in big batches. Deleting each post individually is a very strenuous activity, and honestly you have very high chances of being distracted by reminiscing on old Twitter posts. The better option is delegating the Twitter house cleaning to third party services.

If you think you have some embarrassing Twitter post from your past or just a post you think could ruin your future prospects, don’t freak out and take drastic measures like deleting your account, .Here is how you can wipe your slate clean by deleting your regrettable past Twitter Posts with web based Apps.


TweetDelete is a free history scoring web app with a very attractive privacy policy. It allows users to delete old tweets, as long as they are within the range of the past 3200 posts. You could choose to run it multiple times to erase the entire history, but this isn’t ideal if one wants to keep posts up to a certain year and delete the rest.

Using TweetDelete is relatively easy, you just have to head to their home page, sign in with your Twitter account, and authorize the app to access your account  and Twitter functions like the ever-important Delete button.

Once authorized, getting rid of all past tweets is incredibly simple. You just need to follow the instructions provided. For the Veteran twitter users who would want  to delete more than 3200 tweets, you may have to go through the process several times. TweetDelete app can also run in the background, automatically deleting tweets once they reach your specified age. If you don’t want the app to run on a schedule, you can sign out then sign out, head to twitter’s Application Settings, and revoke access for


For those who may opt for a more powerful history deletion tool, this app is best recommended for that.  TweetEraser is a premium tweet deletion tool that costs $6.99 on many app stores. Like TweetDelete it also comes with a decent privacy policy. You don’t have to worry about your  Twitter data getting leaked.

This app has one catch though, to delete more than your past 3,200 tweets, Tweet Eraser requires a copy of your Twitter archive. This can be done by Visiting your Twitter Account settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the Request Your Archive button. You then receive an email containing a link to download the archive.

Next, head to Tweet Eraser’s home page and choose the Premium tier. You’ll see a prompt to authorize access to your account. Once logged in, click the PayPal button below the Premium tier to pay for your upgrade. The upgrade will allow you to delete more than the standard 3,200 tweets from your account.

After paying, the screen will return to the TweetEraser app. From the left-hand side of the page, you can head to Your Twitter > Tweets, then choose Upload Archive and select the ZIP file you downloaded earlier. This will give TweetEraser access to your entire Twitter history.

Once you have access to accounts there are various features that one can utilize. You could use the Advanced Search to set the date range for the tweets you would want to eliminate. You can also delete tweets forever, by clicking the select all checkbox in the list’s top-left corner and then pressing the big red Delete Tweets button.

Always remember to downgrade your subscription after you are done to make sure you don’t incur extra charges. The final step is to head to twitter’s Application Settings to revoke Tweet Eraser’s access to your account.



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