Top Six Best Tech Gadgets For Pet Owners

We live in an era where tech is rapidly becoming a part of nearly every industry you can think of — including pet products. From selfies to virtual dog sitters, technology is clearly changing how people take care of their pets.

Although a lot of pet tech gadgets are gimmicky, some of these inventions are actually efficient and fun. There are tons of incredibly useful pet gadgets emerging in the in the market for pet lovers. These gadgets incorporate the latest technology to improve the quality of life for pet and their human companions.

Whether you are looking to charm your cat or pamper your pooch with cool tech gadgets, we have done some research and compiled the best tech gadgets for pets that are guaranteed to improve the pets and the pet owners lives. The tech gadgets highlighted below cover the basic needs for playing, feeding, pet security for a happy and healthy pet.


The Wonder Bowl

Pets love to eat, a lot. For multiple pet owners, it can be really strenuous to make sure each pet only eats their own food especially if you have both cats and dogs. Keeping dogs out of the cats’ food and vice versa requires constant supervision.

That’s the main reason innovators came up with the Wonder Bowl. It is a scientifically developed bowl that only opens for the pet wearing the correct tag, which is included when purchasing the bowl. It is ideal for multiple pet homes and those with toddlers. It works by using infrared technology to detect when your pet is near the food bowl. When the pet wearing the unique tag is in range the lid will open granting access only to the pet you choose.

The Wonder Bowl is currently retailing at US $9.99 on Amazon.

Petsafe Drink well

Hydration is just as important for your pets as it is for you. It keeps their bodies running at the optimal level and supports essential functions such as natural detoxification in the kidneys. As important as water is for your pet’s health, many dogs and cats simply don’t like to drink it.

An automatic pet fountain creates movement to keep the water fresh, encouraging even the pickiest cats and dogs to drink more. Our top pick for the best pet fountain for dogs and cats is the Petsafe Drink well

It keeps your pets hydrated with filtered with filtered fresh tasting water. The free falling streams of water keep the water tasting clean and fresh encouraging pets to drink more. The moving water also helps inhibit the growth of bacteria which might hurt your pet’s health.

Petsafe Drink well is currently retailing at US$38.00 on Amazon.


The iFetch Automatic Ball Thrower

An automatic ball thrower enables your dog to enjoy his favorite game for as long as he wants without tiring you out. These ball throwers don’t just throw the balls, but they also encourage your dog to return the ball himself. You don’t even have to be there for your dog to have a good time!

The iFetch Automatic Ball Thrower is the best ball thrower, and it’s a great tech gift for any dog because it allows dogs to play to their hearts content.. Available in the classic iFetch and the larger iFetch Too, this ball thrower is perfect for dogs of all sizes. The iFetch is designed for small to medium dogs and it launches miniature tennis balls at distances of 10, 20, or 30 feet.

The iFetch Automatic Ball Thrower is currently retailing at US$100 on Amazon.



PlayDate is literally the world’s first remote-controlled ball that allows one to play with their pets from anywhere and anytime. PlayDate gives the pet owners a unique interactive experience when playing with their pets. Owners can control the ball from either their iOS or android devices using PlayDate’s free app. They can also opt to login in through the PlayDate website to play with the ball.

The ball also features a camera mounted inside the ball which shows the pet as well as the environment they are in. A speaker and microphone are also mounted on the balls inside to let owners hear and speak to their pets.

PlayDate Currently retails at US$ 189.00


The PetChatz HD Pet Camera

As much as one may like to spend all day every day at home baby-sitting their pets, it simply isn’t possible due to our busy work schedules. That’s one of the main reasons that the PetChatz HD Pet Camera was invented.

The PetChatz HD Pet Camera is the ultimate pet camera that enables two-way audio and video communication to keep pet owners from worrying about their pets when they are not at home.. Not only can you see your pet with live-streaming video, but he can see you as well! This pet camera allows you to capture both video and photo, saving it directly to your smartphone, and it attaches securely to the wall.

The PetChatz HD Pet Camera also dispenses treats and releases calming aromatherapy scents on command. Simply put, it is the next best thing to actually being home with your pet. It even streams live feeds from your Pet. The Camera has received amazing reviews from pet owners who have praised the durability and easy to setup design.

The PetChatz HD Pet Camera is currently retailing at $329.99 on Amazon

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar.

Gone are the days when Pets especially Dogs , only had one option of a collar- ordinary nylon collar . Tech advancements have enabled the creation of smart collars for dogs. A smart collar functions as a GPS pet tracker to keep your dog safe and many of them track vital signs and other health markers to keep your pet in great shape.

The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar is the ultimate smart collar to help you keep your dog in excellent condition. Not only does it feature advanced GPS technology that allows you to track your dog’s position, but it enables you to monitor your dog’s health and activity as well.

This smart collar monitors ambient temperature to prevent heat stroke and it features an integrated sound stimulus that can be used for training the dog. It is made with high-quality Latigo leather and comes in a wide range of sizes to fit any dog.

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar currently retails at $99 on Amazon.



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