Customer Service Practices to Ensure high Customer Retention for Your Business in 2018

Customer service retention practices.

In our current cut- throat business world, ensuring high customer retention is the only sure way of growing sales and profitability for your company. The best means to retain existing customers and to ensure impeccable customer service  is often through customer loyalty and brand loyalty initiatives.

One of the best means of retaining existing customers is successful customer service. It can help improve brand and customer loyalty. Customers today prefer an engaging and personalized relationship with companies. Consumer empowerment is diluting customer loyalty to brands and has raised expectations about customer support.

Companies now have to provide first rate customer support to ensure customer service success hence increasing customer retention and brand loyalty. Failure to, there is always the risk of losing their customers to their competitors. Below are some of the practices that your company can implement to ensure successful customer service in 2018.

Do away with scripts

How to go about it

It’s very pertinent for business owners to train their customer support agents to always aim to provide fresh and relevant responses to every email, message or requests from the customers. There is nothing as disgruntling to a customer as inquiring about a particular product or service only to get an automated response or being referred to FAQs. Canned responses can dehumanize a company’s brand and give it bad reputation.

Employ creativity in your support efforts

There is so much resources and information about customer service solutions all over the internet. However the truth is that, customer satisfaction is far from being mastered. You can employ unique and fresh ideas customized for your customers based on your understanding of them. Take advantage of innovations to tailor replies to users. A good example is by attaching personalized screen shots or recordings to accompany the explanations to the queries sent by the customers.

Utilize your Company’s Fan base

Every company has those loyal customers who are a huge product of the company’s products and services.  These loyal customers tend to be the best advocates of a company’s brand.  They have the ability to turn frustrated customers into satisfied and happy fans who can publicly defend a company’s honor against critics. The best way to create adoring and loyal fans is by providing them the best customer service experience and helping them be really good at using your company’s products.

Social media Support

Due to technological advancements, customer support now spans more than just emails. There are now multiple communication channels which customers can utilize to reach your company.  From feedback buttons within products to, Facebook posts, tweets and Direct messages social media has really revolutionized customer service.  It’s important for businesses to put together a qualified team who can take care of issues across the various social media channels. They need to understand customer perceptions are fragile and can change with every interaction. This means that they have to be always vigilant when dealing with customers on social media.



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