Opinion: Let’s Not Demonize The Victims Of Cult Indoctrination, The Cult Leaders Are The Real Monsters

How cult leaders trick and manipulate people

On the 18th of May 2018, many people woke up to rude shock after the National police service issued a red alert over the emergence of a cult by the name Young Blud saints that had been discreetly operating within Nairobi and Targeting university students.

This news terrified  and fascinated Kenyans in equal measures. Main questions abound being, where do these people come from, what do they do and who would fall for such crap-trap? This is because the cult which believes in three types of gods (small g)-true god, false god and random god expected the recruited to sacrifice what they love dearest to prove their loyalty and devotion.

Well, cults in Kenya and Africa in general are not a new thing. They have been in existence for a long time.You may actually find that the issue can be sensitive as many religions started out as cults. But in this article, we are talking about the Downright Obnoxious cults  that require  intervention by local authorities.

Some of the cults are known to worship THE DEVIL

Some of the  famous cult leaders in history include  Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charlie Manson, Bhagwan Rajneesh. Some were even known to commit murder and mass suicides. However the advent of the internet has shone a light on many secret societies, rendering them not so secret. Most of them fizzle out after being exposed for the shams they are and for a while, there was no chatter anywhere about cults in Kenya, until, the young blud saints.

Many people may think that only young people are the only people susceptible enough for cult indoctrination. But this is however a common misconception.  Experts in the field agree that cult victims all have a number of predisposed factors that facilitate attraction to the cult, recruitment and indoctrination. And they can happen to anyone at any age, in a moment of confusion, personal crisis or a life transition.

Many cults have flourished over the years with changes in recruitment styles and targets. In fact, increasing numbers of people in their late twenties and older are  joining cult groups. Many of these modern cults are persistent and deceptive in their recruiting that many prospective members have no accurate information of the cult and no future understanding of what will be expected of them.

While psychological dispositions and personal vulnerabilities may be what drive people into cultic systems,The cult leaders who manipulate others’ vulnerabilities and turn them into their puppets are the real monsters. Some of these dangerous cult leaders have charmed, lied and brainwashed their followers into committing mass suicides!

They are masters of mind control with slick tongues that convince their victims to separate themselves from the society. The clergy, the government, concerned friends and families should be on the lookout for these methods in which cult leaders use to gain control over cult members.


Many cults rely on paranoia to create a sense of comfort among members. The cult leaders convince the vulnerable members that their friends and loved ones or the government is out to get them but the cult can provide a safe haven for them. The poor cult victim’s end up believing that only the cult leader can keep them safe. They end up worshiping and putting their faith and trust in the leader, even capable of gross and heinous acts at the leaders command.(arson and murder)

Public Humiliation

Due to self-esteem issues, new recruits, after being showered with adoration from fellow members, promise of hope, they end up being Love bombed. They are happy and feel they belong, but once they become established members, their cult leaders maintain emotional control through many actions meant to publicly humiliate them. One popular way is by sitting in a circle surrounded by other members as you admit your recent failures, wrongful thoughts and personal shortcomings.


Another favorite tactic utilized by these twisted minded cult leaders is through incrimination.  They can make the group members to provide written statements that detail their individual fears and mistakes. The leaders then keep the information in some sort of archive ready to use the information to publicly shame a member to keep them in check.


This is the main tactic used by almost all cult leaders worldwide. They repeat various lies and distortions until members find it difficult to distinguish between reality and cult-life. That’s why most cult members have that zombie-kind-of far look in their eyes.




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