Latest Tech Tools That Businesses Should Leverage to Improve Workplace Productivity

Among business professionals and entrepreneurs, there is a general consensus that advancing technology is the future for successful business ventures.  Advancements in technology have been transforming workplace productivity and employee engagement across the globe. Technology has become an integral aspect of firm processes and being up to date on the latest technology is an important prerequisite to maintain a competitive edge in today’s cut throat business environment.

Productivity and employee engagement are paramount to a company’s success. In order to maintain office productivity small businesses should invest in the latest technology and equipment because technology is what drives and supports businesses today. Businesses need to be savvy enough to come up with profitable and up to date ways to boost the workplace productivity and turn the workplace into a modern digital masterpiece.

The rapid influx of technology over the past two years has led to the development of a variety of productivity strategies that have simply revolutionized the way business is done. These technologies are designed to make tasks faster and smoother by reducing overall costs, enhancing customer service and increasing employee efficiency.

By leveraging the following tech tools, a business can improve the workplace productivity by not only improving the physical work environment but also transforming the workplace to a boundless virtual environment, creating endless business opportunities for your company.

Office Automation Control System

Just as “smart” devices hit the market and became an instant hit, buildings and homes are becoming smart with automation systems that control the heating, lighting, air conditioning, among other functions. Offices can also benefit from the same type of technology with an office automation system. One can easily control the various aspects of the office environment just from their iPad or smartphone.  Some of these systems have built in sensors that can adjust the environment based on the number of people in the office.  Impressive, right? No more struggling to get on your desk to reach the window louvers to let some fresh air in during crowded afternoons. The system allows one to create an optimum working environment for the employees and save on energy costs as well.

Visitor management system

The visitor management system is becoming essential for many modern businesses.   The management system is especially vital for small business startups that may lack receptionists. This is because they can expedite the visitor check-in system while also reducing the number of interruptions caused by guests and deliveries. For the offices with receptionists visitor management systems can replace the old fashioned sign-in sheets and enhance security by keeping a record of everyone who accesses the office.

Smart office chairs

Gone are the days where offices had a standard setup and the employees had no options to choose from. The modern office work space is all about choice. Many companies outfit their offices with regular desks, standing desks, couches and bean bag chairs so that employees can choose where they would like to work from(especially for companies employing millenials). For maximum productivity however the workspace needs to be comfortable and functional. 2018 has seen the development of chairs that support an electrical current as well as USB ports. These “hybrid” chairs even come equipped with a flip-up privacy panel to provide privacy for the private kind of employees. It hardly gets any more comfortable and functional than that.

Treadmill Desks

The millenials are fond of referring to standing desks as “so last year”  well they could be right  because  more and more modern companies are buying into the concept of treadmill desks arguing that they get their creative juices flowing.  Studies have shown that using treadmill desks can improve memory, attention to detail, concentration and increased productivity.  Doubt many people would be pro the idea, well because of the obvious energy likely to be expended  daily at the workplace .people would be zombie like heading home after work in torpid lethargy, but on the plus side you do  get free exercise.

Zapier software

Zapier is a must have tool for the modern office. It is considered the ultimate office software because it allows one to connect all of the other apps you use and automate workflows and communication between them. This software can integrate more than 500 apps and is continuously adding more as the days go by.

Many critics may be skeptical about the use of technology in boosting workplace productivity however it is evident that these tools improve employees performance, enrich customer satisfaction and trigger significant business growth. Give them a try.



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