Five Practical Tips on How to Fully Utilize Your LinkedIn Account  

LinkedIn is considered one of the top site for professional networking and a terrific site for job searching as well.  It has millions of members in more than 200 countries including executives from all fortune 500 companies. Many people have been using the platform to grow, expand professionally and help their businesses or organizations to network more effectively.

LinkedIn is clearly a fantastic tool for professionals especially for B2B connections. But in order to get the most out of this professional social network you have to know how to navigate through the site and learn how to correctly use it. These five practical tips will help you get more out of the LinkedIn social networking site.

Keep your profile updated even when you’re not looking for a job.

In case you dint know, many recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find passive candidates. Passive candidates can be described as; people who aren’t active job seekers but may be open to the right opportunity if it avails itself.

In fact, many recruiters and hiring managers prefer passive candidates to active ones. They work under the assumption that the best candidates are happily employed. Moreover, sudden changes to your profile may give your current employer the impression that you’re a flight risk. So you should always keep your LinkedIn profile current and updated.

Provide your individual personality in your profile, but don’t go overboard.

One can have a high-quality head shot, but keep it professional.  Avoid all those –my life is better than yours-selfie images intended for your Instagram and snapchat audience. You can also have a headline that shows some flair, but don’t try to be too clever about it using big perspicacious words or you might risk sounding pretentious. Make it easy for someone evaluating your profile to quickly figure out what you do, and what distinguishes you from other people in the same job description.

Optimize your profile for LinkedIn’s and Google’s search engines.

Recruiter or hiring managers are likely to discover you through search or recommendation engines, well unless they are looking for you personally. You can stand out from other job seekers out by making sure your profile contains the specific Keywords they’re looking for. One can do this by filling out the skills section and   using standard job titles. However, profile completeness might not help you outrank other profiles, but it will at least keep you in the game.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is legible.

The people who read your profile are people who read hundreds of profiles. If they quickly don’t see what they’re looking for, they are more than likely to move on to the next one. So it’s pertinent for you to improve your chances by making their lives easier. Have a short summary section that highlights your main qualifications and accomplishments. Is simple and understandable sentences Do the same for your current and past positions. Use short sentences or bullet points, favor nouns over adjectives, and provide contact information where possible.

Look for companies instead of jobs.

For those using LinkedIn to actively search for a job, you should consider looking for a company rather than a job because many companies don’t advertise jobs, and many more don’t advertise jobs on LinkedIn. Don’t panic if you don’t know where to start, because if a company is growing, then it’s probably hiring. Find growing companies likely to need someone with your skills, and then find people at those companies  then create a  concise, customized, personalized message to a  person currently working there-like the HR manager, rather  than by simply submitting your job application into their applicant tracking system (ATS).

We understand that every person’s situation is unique, but following these practical tips can put you in a better position for you getting your dream job. Good luck!



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