Leveraging Bulk SMS to Enhance Customer Service

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Experts have fervently emphasized just how customer service is important to both small and big businesses. The quality of that service can also either enhance or completely degrade customer brand loyalty and the whole business in general. Hence it’s important for business to make sure that customer service is top notch as it can make a difference in brand reputation, revenue and customer loyalty.

According to research, companies that prioritize customer service have a 10-15% chance of increase in revenue and a 20% increase in customer satisfaction.  This is why very many brands are doing everything they can to connect with customers, Improve communication and engagement and one sure way to go about this by leveraging bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS is a single SMS (short message service) that is sent to many recipients who will all receive the same message. There are various  bulk SMS service providers in Kenya that provide a standard platform to allow clients to quickly deploy  bulk SMS services which include, SMS alerts, SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services ,SMS dating services, SMS marketing among others.

Since the goal of any business in terms of its customer interactions is to generate customer loyalty, there is no better way to achieve that than by offering quality products/ services and to be responsive to your customers.  But due to technological advancements in the communication sector, more and more channels of communications have been created and with them  an increase in the complexity of interactions.

Customers however do not care about the availability of channels of communication. They only care about results. Actually,research shows  that four out of every five customers are usually very frustrated with being dependent on a phone call or computer services in customer services.  This especially applies to the older generations who absolutely have no patience with technology. These kinds of customers would very much prefer bulk SMS  messaging compared to other forms of communication.

Here are some of the few ways your business stands to benefit from leveraging Bulk SMS in customer service

Very Efficient

With bulk SMS, one can combine the simplicity of SMS messaging and the sophistication of automation to increase efficiency. A company can easily reassure the customers of their commitment to their needs by simply sending an automated acknowledgment when they send a query via text messages. The company can also complete successful transactions with the customers on a positive note by sending an SMS confirming the end of a transaction.


Generally SMS is far more flexible than phone based customer service delivery. Bulk SMS can also perform all the activities that an email can do in a much more personal and succinct manner. They are best suited especially when providing services such as step by step instructions, automated replies to common queries and keeping customers up to date with news, stock or shipping.

Synergizing marketing and customer service

Clearly technology has become more sophisticated in almost all parts of business .This has unified virtually everything from digital marketing, supply management and internal communication. So it’s inevitable that that customer service and marketing will converge.  Using SMS as both a promotional tool and customer service channel is of benefit to any company. Once a business exchange SMSs with their customers’ they open opportunities for marketing and they can send them any future promotion and news content.


Despite the number of channels of communication that a company may have with its customers, a huge number of customers would like to have an opportunity to communicate with your business via SMS. It’s relatively cheaper- a standard SMS goes for Ksh1 or less in many network providers- than other forms of communication.  The messages sent are also received by customers instantaneously unlike over the internet where you have to get Data bundles to access the message. The convenience factor for both customers is a huge draw and customers expect you to cater for them.



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