WordPress VS SquareSpace – The SEO Merits Each Site Brings To The Table

WordPress VS SquareSpace

In today’s competitive market, Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important digital marketing tool. Search engines serve millions of users in a single day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems.

For those who do not understand what SEO is, the search engine optimization is a set of rules that can be followed by a website platform or blog owners to optimize their websites for such engines and improve the overall search engine rankings for any business.

Some of the best platforms that optimize SEO in the market today are WordPress and SquareSpace. While both SquareSpace and WordPress are amazingly good website engines, there are clear stronger and weaker sides to each for SEO optimization. We are going to focus solely on the advantages each platforms offer businesses for optimum SEO.


WordPress has definitely come a long way since its inception back in 2003. It started out as a simple blogging tool that grew to be one of the best content management systems in the world today. It is actually estimated that close to 30% of all the worlds’ websites use WordPress.

Many people consider WordPress as easier to use than SquareSpace. While this may not be true it is generally considered easy enough to use that even a novice would setup a website with it, with a little patience of course. Since SEO is such a complex activity that involves a lot of factors, here are some of the main advantages of WordPress in creating a website and managing on-page SEO.

  • WordPress generates a search engine friendly URL

WordPress provides the users with a permalink feature that offers a seamless creation of keyword rich and search engine friendly URL. After a user installs WP, they can head over to the settings tab and click the drop down menu and click on the permalink section. The default permalink settings make sure that your URL is optimized with the ability to customize the actual words once you start editing a blog page or post

  • Faster speed of content creation

Normally, on a static html site, content creation generally revolves around hard coding the article or using the WYSIWYG interface then adjusting the menus on multiple platforms. WordPress is designed for quick, seamless and continual publishing of content.

  • Plugins

This is perhaps the main advantage that WordPress boasts over other CMS platforms. WordPress provides the users with a wealth of plugins to use for their websites. A good example is the Yoast SEO plugin that allows users to optimize really technical details like the Robots.txt file, canonicalization issues, and XML sitemaps among others. These are things that a non-developer wouldn’t even begin to understand. Whatever a user’s specific SEO plugins are, the WordPress community always delivers.



The SquareSpace site is specifically designed to cover the technical side of SEO optimization. With SquareSpace, a user can implement various strategies to help a site appear in search engine results without the need to search for search engines or an absolute understanding of the technical coding.

Inspired by Apples design centric approach of full integration of end-to-end control and premium positioning, SquareSpace provides the smoothness of experience. It encapsulates several features and concepts that provide an advantage over other CMAs like WordPress. They include but not limited to:

Faster setup

Square space works by integrating the hosting, domain management, the CMS, front-end design engine in the first minute of using it. This makes SquareSpace much more streamlined than WP where one is required to integrate the parts together in a semi-automates manner or physically by hand. This makes it faster and more efficient.

Provide a steeper learning curve

In using SquareSpace, the users have all settings, features and interfaces of the site which have been developed by a single, closely connected organization working together. The SquareSpace site is dedicated to working with minimalist aesthetics which contribute to the level of clarity and beauty of each part of the system.

Motivated support team

WordPress is a community driven enterprise with a huge open forum. This means that a user can barely get dedicated support for a specific issue from a financially motivated person to help in the best possible way.  While money is not the main reason why this happens, with SquareSpace a user can easily get dedicated support for their needs for some sort of enumeration. The promise of remuneration can help a user get motivated people to help them tackle specific issues which can immensely benefit a business.



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