6 Educational Apps Every Student Should Have

With the growth and advancement of technology, utilizing technology has become the norm in Kenya. This is especially so in the education sector. Educators have indeed realized that student’s performance can be greatly enhanced through technology. A range of android mobile educational apps are being created every day to help the students learn in a fun and productive way.

If you may desire to enhance a students’ performance in school. Here are some of the best educational apps available for download from Google play store services.


Gone are the days where students had to carry their pens and books everywhere in school.  Evernote is an amazing app designed for note taking, organizing, task lists and archiving. The app developed by Evernote Corporation is an award winning service that turns every computer and phone you use into an extension of your brain. You can use it to record your lectures, save your ideas, experiences and inspirations and then easily access them all at anytime and anywhere


Sometimes school life can really be overwhelming which might disrupt your organization skills. Todoist is an app created to help students remain organized. It has a simple easy to use interface to aid one to check what is required to be done in the course of the day. It helps you keep track of everything in one place so that you can get it all done and enjoy more peace of mind along the way. The app has helped over 10 million people feel in control of their lives.

Wolfram Alpha

This app is considered to be among the most powerful mobile phone application in the market. It has the capacity to answer questions that students and Google may find difficult to.  It is more than a search engine The app gives you access to the worlds facts and data such as academic data including earth science, economics, .mathematics, physics, engineering and astronomy. It also calculates answers across a range of topics it is definitely a student’s best friend.


Udemy app is one of the best mobile applications to help supplement learning for students. It is an online learning and teaching market place with over 65000 courses and15 millions students. One can become an instructor and teach what you love because Udemy provides the tools to create an online course. One can learn programming, marketing, data science and so much more.

Revision Quiz Marker

Students no longer have to worry about where they can access unlimited quizzes and questions for their revision. This free app allows parents and teachers to create q quiz for homework, revisions and lessons. It’s equipped with a built in web browser to access the internet. One can quickly and easily personalize a quiz on any subject e.g. math’s, history, geography, etc. It also has beautiful interface where students can create quizzes in a fun and unique way with text, sound and images on any subject.


Probably you may have been using the YouTube app for fun and entertainment. However students can easily get interesting educational videos from the app and can dramatically improve their grades. YouTube EDU features some of the most popular educational video and audio content. The app also allows people to save the videos offline for later view. It is a good app for doing research for a project, doing homework or just learning something new



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