3 Top Customer Service Challenges Brought About By Technological Advancements

customer service challenges

While the advancement in technology may have its merits, unfortunately the capabilities brought by new technology have introduced some new kind of  customer service challenges.

Technological advancement in the past several decades has revolutionized many aspects of our lives. It has affected many sectors including customer service.  From the automated chat robots which provide swift and efficient customer service experience, to making orders via social media platforms such as Facebook, technology has no doubt, seamlessly integrated itself into our everyday lives.

The new technology platforms  being leveraged by organizations have introduced  new kinds customer service challenges. This is especially so with the cloud platforms and the demand by customers to organizations to create new ways with which to communicate. These are the 3 main challenges:

  • Utilizing cloud technologies

Cloud technologies enable business organizations to achieve their desired goals and objectives despite resource or financial constraints.  Cloud technologies through the PAYG (pay as you go) model and eliminating of premise based systems allow organizations to have access to a broader set of technologies.

Some of these technologies range from the pretty basic workforce management to the even more advanced speech analytics.  Organizations have to determine which technologies are the best to incorporate into their system to improve both employee and customer experience.

  • Enlarging your work force to accommodate the changes

Like in many organizations today, employees need to keep up to date with the ever growing technological advancements. While many new employees are technologically savvy, some of the older ones may be lacking the diverse skills.

Organizations now have to figure out how to expand the workforce. Hiring remote teams to accomplish specific tasks in a company is a popular option. However with this, an organization must be prepared to address issues such as setting up proper ethical infrastructure and new incentives to keep employees engaged.

  • Managing communication channels.

Customers today continue to broaden the channels with which they can communicate to an organization. This can be attributed to the ever growing number of communication platforms on social media.  This presents an organization the challenge of providing the same level of service across all channels.

Organizations are now tasked with trying to figure out how to address issues such as the type of skills the customer service agents are needed for the various channels and how to support customers who are pivoting across channels.

As customer service grows more complex in this digital era, it is pertinent for organizations to know how to fix the new kinds of problems cropping every day. Customers expect the different brands out there to adapt with the changes and continue to meet their needs as well.




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