Samantha, Vicky and Harmony- The social Implications of Sex Robots

We are living in an era where Everyone is busy brainwashing everyone else into thinking that we have all been set free to live happily ever after by wallowing in mindless self-indulgence .Old certainties are pouring down the drain and everyone is following the liberals who do nothing but swim with the tides. This has revolutionized many aspects of society and especially in sexual relationships.

Over the last few years, more and more people are becoming “sexually liberated”. People are now capable of shamelessly satisfying their sexual needs and desires without the burden of guilt or the-judgment of established morally-correct societal norms.

It is a very frenetic period where everyone is busy jumping into bed with everyone despite of the gender, and more people are including sex toys into their lives. Everyone also seems to want to voice out their opinions about sexual relationships (just go through Facebook and twitter feeds) Sex literally now seems to be the be-all and end-all of all human existence.

The popularity of sex toys has increased over the past decade. The taboos surrounding the devices intended to increase an individual’s sexual pleasures have slowly been dissolving. However, with the recent introduction of Samantha, harmony and Vicky the sex robots, a new kind of debate has sparked up. Many people have been expressing different opinions pertaining to the possible use of the sex robots and the implications they would have in our society. For many young people brought up in the Y generation, it is just another autonomous machine designed to reduce anxiety whenever they are stressed. It is just “an adult fun doll”. They have really bought into the concept of sex bots, even describing the older generation who are against the idea, as “outdated people bawling away in outdated thought forms like some religious fascist.”

Another camp of people is totally against the idea. These are the conservative people who believe that sex is the bond of union between two people in their totality as persons. They have condemned the idea with the strongest possible terms, describing those who are pro-Samantha and her companions as “dissolute and effete and only fit the nearest drain”. They insist that sexual relations with a robot can never truly equate to human intimate relationship and those that think it could have some serious underlying social/mental issues.

A research by the Foundation of Responsible Robotics at the Hague Global institute, Our Sexual future with robots was recently released and it sought to find out the appropriateness and social implications of sex robots to the society.

According to the research, many people suggested that the robots would make an ideal replacement for sexual workers. They also found the idea of robot prostitutes quite acceptable .However they also agreed that a sex robot would not be able to meet some clients’ needs. Some people visit brothels not just for sex but also for company. The sex robots would be unable to have convincing conversations or even consume alcohol or drugs to “get into the mood” as is the norm in many twilight establishments.

The aggrandizement of sex robots is also likely to aggravate the work done by the pornographic industry in creating images of objectified and submissive women. All those Samantha images that have been doing rounds on the internet portrayed the body of a beautiful white woman with a big bust and perfect hips. This representation of the “perfect” lady has objectified women creating an illusion of preferable traits by men. This can have serious negative implications to a woman who may feel like they have to alter their body to get that “Samantha figure.”

Embracing the sex robots into society may breed social isolation among users. Some sex robots such as Harmony that are created with an artificial Intelligence chip can keep people company and may even have a role in sexual therapy (such reducing anxiety for virgins preparing to have a first sexual encounter). No matter how advanced a sex bot is, the ability to feel intimacy and empathy can only be developed through human interaction and mutually consenting relationships.

The most controversial issues regarding sex robots is that integrating them into our society will allow people such as sexual offenders to live out their darkest fantasies. This could have a pernicious effect on the society and the social norms and create danger to the vulnerable. Some people however disagree with that context arguing that providing sex robots for would-be sexual offenders can help prevent sexual offenses by allowing them to satisfy their desires in a way that doesn’t involve real people.

Sex robots are becoming more attractive and available in the markets today. It is estimated by the end of 2018, improved and more sophisticated versions of sex robots will be available for purchase. We need broader societal discussions to determine if sex with robots is acceptable and if so what social rules should be prescribed for the users.



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