5 Popular Kenyan Mobile Apps You Should Have

Kenya is one of the most technologically advanced countries in Africa. It is becoming the epicenter for innovation and development in Africa and has continuously been lauded   for embracing technology and especially in the mobile app sub-sector. Over the last few years, we have seen an exponential growth in mobile and web applications being launched to meet specific needs for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The increase in demand for the mobile apps can be attributed to the infiltration of affordable mobile devices into the Kenyan market. Currently with Ksh 3,000 you can get a pretty decent smartphone. Smart companies and business people have realized the incredible opportunity in this and are creating more mobile apps to reach their clients.

There are literally thousands of android apps that pop out every month.  Kenyan developers have not been left behind in the trend with local apps hitting the market every day to feed the growth of smartphone users in the country. Kenya has been and continues to produce some of the best apps in the region, some of which have actually found their way beyond the continent.

The mobile apps being developed locally are designed to cater to different needs, across different industries that include; financial services, security, retail, entertainment, transport among others. Here are 5 of the most popular local apps in the country.


A popular pass time activity of people on their phones is playing android games. Nairobi X is a free to download, 3D and multiplayer android game. The setting is a futuristic Nairobi with all the popular landmarks rendered in such as KICC. The storyline is that of an unknown army of extra-terrestrials invade the city of Nairobi. The player, a soldier has to fight the aliens to win the city back. Download app from Google Play store


Ma3route is a first in the country created with the hope of reducing the notorious Nairobi traffic. The app functions by pooling all transport data and give its users information on traffic, matatu directions and driving reports to inform their movement. This app has proven very efficient with more motorists downloading it daily. Download app here www.ma3route.com//

Niko Hapa

(“I am here” in Swahili) Niko Hapa is a social location app that allows users to discover new locations and connect up with friends and family. The app also acts as a Loyalty program that rewards users that visit certain locations, retailers and restaurants spend money and share the locations with friends. Users can seamlessly connect with their friends by simply scanning their phones address book to automatically detect when friends have joined Niko Hapa. Download app here http://tinyurl.com/chf27t4


This app offers real-time market prices for crops, matching Kenyan farmers with the buyers. The app which is used as a transparency tool for Kenyan farmers, allows them to get information about retail prices of their products, buy their farm input directly from manufacturers at favorable prices and find buyers for their produce. The app is especially useful for remote farmers as it allows them to plug into the market updates and keep up with competition. Download app here http://mfarm.co.ke/


Already featured on Afritoriol, Mpepea is a fully automated app that is set to revolutionize Kenya’s credit system by offering instant loans to workers at a fee via their mobile phones. The app targets employees on full-time basis registered for the service. They offer small emergency loans depending on pay-scale. Users can access loans anywhere and anytime without the necessity of having to wait for loan advance approvals or going to a bank. Download app here http://mpepea.co.ke/




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