Five Major Sacrileges In Customer Service

I bet you can vividly remember all the instances you have received unsatisfactory (or a completely horrible) customer service experience from a company. I can confidently wager this bet because unfortunately poor customer service is often easily remembered than the good kind.

In the world of customer service, a bad experience tends to last longer in a customer’s mind and can do more damage than a history of mediocrity. All those moments of unsatisfactory customer service experiences stand out in people’s minds and are often told and retold to anyone willing to listen.

Customer service is an integral part of any business hoping to be successful in the market today. No matter how good a business may perceive their products or services to be, it will struggle with bad customer service.

An impeccable customer service care and customer relations team can make all the difference in the kind of feedback a company may receive and even how well a company generally performs .To achieve an outstanding customer service experience that helps a company grow, they need to focus on helping the customers who utilize your services or goods to solve their daily problems.

However there exist some customer service actions which are in all sense of the word, disastrous to a business. Sometimes people have “bad days”. I’m not disputing the fact that there are customer care agents who sometimes may be dealing with personal issues which end up affecting their work or, some class of unconventional customers who always provide a negative feedback despite of the services rendered, but there are some customer care behaviors that are regarded as sacrilegious to customer care.

1) Neglecting customers

Neglecting customers is the leading reason for lack of customer loyalty. As a customer care agent, you should strive to be always attentive as possible when responding to customers inquiries. This includes inquiries presented via social media, calls, texts and emails. Comments made on the social media platform are sometimes overlooked. This makes the customers feel unimportant and that their business doesn’t matter and may opt to take their business to competitors.

2) Blaming the customer

Customer service agents act as brand representatives whenever they are interacting with a customer. It is extremely important for them to refrain from stepping on any toes or redirecting blame towards the customers. Despite the fact that an agent may feel the customer is at fault, it’s their responsibility to work with the customer to come up with a solution that satisfies everyone. Sometimes a conversation with a client may get heated up but customer service agents need to remember that’s it’s their duty and responsibility to protect their company’s reputation.

3) Making empty Promises

Some companies still make promises that they don’t deliver on. This may be a good tactic to lure customers to a business but chances of getting loyal customers are very slim. When customers find out that you can’t deliver what you promised, they lose trust in your company and are likely to choose your competitors and even share negative reviews about your company. This can damage a reputation which probably can cost your business in the long run.

4) Over-complicating things

Today’s customers are much more sophisticated, tech savvy and experienced. They expect to have an easy and straightforward access to a company’s customer service. The customer care representatives are also expected to thoroughly understand a company’s policy and procedures so that they can clearly communicate to the customers. Any sort of disconnect between agents and what they tell their customers can make things confusing to everyone. The customers are likely to end up irritated and trade your services for your competitors.

5) Treating customers as transactions.

Customer service representatives should never treat customers visiting a company’s website or office as one-time transactions. This shows that a business doesn’t care about their clients. Agents should try to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with the customer. They should show genuine interest in doing business with the customers. Staying in touch with clients helps nurture a good relationship with the company.



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