Strange And Unusual Technologies To Expect In 2018 And The Near Future

On 9th January 2018, Las Vegas was proud to host one of the world’s largest electronics trade show, the CES SHOW. The consumers Electronics show or CES is an annual event held to show off the best new technologies in the world. The tech summit which is an unmissable, inspirational thought-leadership conference, this year ran from 9-12th January. It gives tech companies an opportunity to showcase their latest innovations for the year ahead.

This year, the show has received an overwhelming attendance of over 180,000 people from all over the world. Most people attending hoped to get a fast hand experience of autonomous cars, smart televisions, artificial intelligence, digital money and high tech retailing among other things on display for the four day convection. Exhibitors who attended the summit   at the Villa Maria Estate, Auckland ranged from billionaire tech giants to startups, from 150 countries.

CES 2018 has featured some breakthrough products and services across the industries as well as some rather bizarre technologies. Kendesk has compiled a list of some of the most wild and unusual technologies introduced at the CES 2018 summit.

Robotic pets you can cuddle with

Somnox is the name given to the latest robotic pet that one can cuddle. It is a bed companion that is designed to simulate human breathing. When one hugs the robot the rising and falling sensation can subconsciously calm a person which helps one to get to sleep faster. Somnox is also designed to make soothing sounds that mimic those of a heartbeat, lullabies and guided meditation. All these features can be activated from an app depending on your preference.

Laundry folding robots

The Foldimate and Laundroid are some of the most efficient robots introduced at the summit. Foldimate is programmed to fold piles of laundry in just four minutes! The only downside is that you have to feed in each laundry, a piece at a time, but still amazing though right?  The Laundroid which is more expensive can actually fold clothes straight from a drawer of clothes. Unfortunately these two bots can’t handle bed sheets and socks. You have to do that for yourself.

Weight loss headbands

Modius the headband is likely to be the best friend of our overweight brothers and sisters this year. This head gear has an inbuilt headset that stimulates the vestibular nerve that runs from your head to your ear. In a nutshell, Modius utilizes brain zapping technology to supplement an individual’s weight-loss plan. Though unproven by modern science, it is believed that it can help control your appetite, concentration and even pain relief.

Cordless and mat less charging systems

Power spot hub showcased their device- power soft, a device which can charge your watches, keyboards and headphones within a 24 meter radius without the use of any charging accessories available in the market today. It utilizes a technology more like Wi-Fi, but using electricity. Pretty cool aye?  You can imagine the prospects; I for one would very much like to reduce the inconveniences of walking around with charger cords everywhere I go.

65 inch Rolling televisions

The South Korean electronics giant, LG introduced a magnificent if not stunning 65 inch OLED TV which can be rolled up like a newspaper. This unique feature by LG can allow customers to make the most of the living space without dominating it with a monstrous television set. The TV can easily unroll and roll upon command. I don’t know about you but I think a television set has to be one of the most pronounced features of your home. But who knows, even though still a design concept, maybe now you can easily roll up your television to go watch your favorite show with your family upcountry when you are visiting.



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