5 Customer Service Leads To Guarantee Your Business A Competitive Edge In 2018

Everything is changing about how we do our businesses, irregardless of the industry. The modus operandi of running the business is changing as well. For a business to succeed it must be dynamic and willing to change to keep up with current times. Many of the businesses that remain adamant to doing things the “old fashioned way”, same as they have done for the last decades, are either struggling to catch up or worse have collapsed altogether. Customer service is one of the industries that have undergone drastic evolution over the years. Customers are now smarter than ever, at least as far as customer service is concerned. They can recognize what good customer care is and they know very well that they are entitled to it.

Business owners are now beginning to understand this fact and are struggling to provide stellar customer service experiences to their customers in a bid to get that competitive edge over their competitors.

A recent survey by Five9 found that 89% out of the 1138 consumers surveyed said that, “a great customer experience” is the main determinant for them choosing which company to do business with.

Surveys such as Five9 and numerous others have proven that customers are now adopting the notion that, service is more important than price. This notion trumps product quality and even recommendations from friends and family.

To ensure your business maintains a competitive edge in 2018, consider the following five leads

  1. Be More Accommodating

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, be more convenient. Convenient in the sense that you are easy to do business with, you have an easy-to-use website where customers can access information or even your willingness to extend business hours. The more your business is accommodating   to your customers the larger their number gets.

  1. Embrace New Technology

Investing in the right kind of technology will drive a better customer experience. Initially business owners complained about the cost, but that’s a thing of the past. Many software solutions have lowered their costs significantly that even small business can afford them. Always stay up-to-date with the latest updates in technology and generate better customer service experience.

  1. Personalize The Customer Experience.

This concept is not new in the customer service world. Businesses should make recommendations specific to each customer. Endeavor to know each customer personally, know their wants, preferences and behavior whenever you can. Whether it’s using sophisticated software algorithms that track and analyze customer data or it’s by face to face.

  1. Prompt Responses To Your Customers

In an age where most of the interactions between businesses with its customers are done via social media, this is very important. Customers do not want to wait for 3 days to get a response to their queries. They do not also appreciate being put on hold when they call. They want an immediate response or, they will quickly move on to your competitors.

  1. Go With The Customers Flow

The customers’ expectations are always changing. Now more than ever, the customer expects more. They no longer compare a business with just its competitors but also any company they like doing business with. Business owners should be prepared to keep up or end up losing their customers.

There are more tips out there to help a business achieve a better customer service experience, but these five should enable a company to keep up with the current customer care needs.  Any business that incorporates them into their operations is bound to have a bountiful 2018.



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