Jiajiri : The Android Based Social Media CRM System

With the growth of social media platforms, many companies and organizations have taken to different social media channels to create awareness of their products and /or services. In fact, almost 90% of businesses are on social media now because the modern customer wants variety and convenience, something social media offers undoubtedly.

This then boils down to the issue of social customer support. Multinationals and big corporates have a dedicated team of digital managers who work round the clock responding to customer interactions on social media. But what happens to the small businesses who can’t afford such a professional team?

Selling on Facebook without being 24/7 active is like having a shop without a shopkeeper. The effect? Missed opportunities.

In an environment where competition is cut throat, you would wish to take advantage of every single opportunity that comes your way lest you lose your customers to your competition.

Introducing Jiajiri Android App

Jiajiri Android App enables you to sell to your customers even when you are offline. Being offline means whenever you go for lunch, whenever you are sleeping or resting, whenever you are in church for your devotions, whenever you are out for a movie or whenever you are on holiday.

Your business doesn’t have to take a break because you’re having one. The Jiajiri app promises to keep your business moving 24/7 by ensuring that customer queries are responded to even if you’re not online.

Set-Up Process

Setting up Jiajiri Android App is as easy as 123. You can set it up in less than 5 minutes. After setting it up, the inbox assistant is then trained to be able to respond to your customers. This training can take place between one day and one week depending on how complex products and services you sell through Facebook are.

The steps are as below:

  1. Download Jiajiri Android App from the App Store
  2. Login using Facebook and give the necessary permissions as requested by Facebook during login
  3. From the drawer (click on the three lines on the top left corner of the app), tap on Settings, then tap on ACTIVATE tab, select your business type and switch on Jiajiri Inbox Assistant.

Because Jiajiri Android app will act as your employee, you will need to authorize it from your Facebook account by giving it Moderator rights.

More about this can be found by following the link (https://www.facebook.com/help/289207354498410)



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