Zuku Unveils Home Advanced 250Mbps Fastest Internet Speed In Kenya

Zuku Fiber, a leading provider of high-speed internet, entertainment and communication services in Kenya, yesterday unveiled the Home Advanced 250Mbps making it the fastest internet speed in Kenya. Zuku Fiber, a member of the Wananchi Group offers Triple Play services for Home Internet, Television and Telephony services in Nairobi, Mombasa and surrounding towns.

Consumer internet demands are increasing as more organizations are embracing the digital media by using online services like e-commerce, e-government services, Social Media and online banking hence the need for the upgrade. According to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) communications sector report for the period April and 30th June 2016, internet penetration stood at 85.3%. Internet penetration in Kenya has been growing steadily and this can be attributed to the increased affordability of Internet services.

The package with the fastest internet speed in Kenya, comes a year after Zuku Fiber announced that it would invest Ksh 2.6 billion to upgrade its network infrastructure and services. These investments and continuing investments being made by Zuku Fiber have significantly improved the quality of service that Zuku Fiber offers to the market.

The newly introduced Home Advanced 250Mbps package includes 250Mbps internet speed, premium TV content through the Zuku TV, a free cable modem for internet service, a free TV set-top box, and telephony services. This sounds great but not to everyone. Apparently Zuku’s fiber network penetration has seen only a few places connected, mainly in the uptown estates. More Kenyans will only be able to enjoy the offered packages if the coverage is widened to other estates in Nairobi and even other major towns in Kenya.

Current Zuku customers have something to smile about as they will shortly have their current package internet speed upgraded by up to 66% more speed at the same price they currently pay and at no additional cost to the customer.

“The introduction of the 250 Mbps package offering the fastest internet speed in Kenya is designed to meet and satisfy the evolving customer needs for the consumption of streaming short videos, movies, real-time gaming and live video chat. These services require higher bandwidth and low latency internet services. I would like to encourage customers using such services to take up Zuku Fiber high speed packages in-order to enhance their experience and satisfaction when using these internet services”. Said the Zuku Fiber Group CEO Mr. Thomas Hintze.

Zuku has also introduced other range of affordable new service packages including 20Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps. All these Fiber packages are available at Zuku shops, from Zuku Sales Executives in Nairobi and Mombasa and on www.zuku.co.ke




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