The growth of the digital age has revolutionized the technology experience with human beings. New technology has made the interaction with new devices more and more human. Devices can now hold a meaningful conversation like a real person.

A digital device can now perceive its environment and take actions that maximize its chances of success towards a certain goal; thanks to smart technology. You can command your fridge to order anything online; from food, a taxi cab or even dial a friend.

Artificial intelligence has increased usability of an ordinary device into a high end system that can perform tasks like a human being. The LG Hom-bot has turned into one of the simple devices that have optimized their performance into a personal assistant.

Unlike the conventional vacuum cleaners, the new Hom-bot square vacuum cleaner has impressive new edges that leave no room for dirt in your house. The new square shape not only cleans edges of corners that are the hardest to reach, but also has a turbo option that allows you to clean your house faster.

Every speck of dirt on corners is picked up by the side brushes which are 1.5 centimetres longer than other robot cleaners in the market. It has a corner detecting system that cleverly detects corners and avoids scratching the wall. The corner master has enabled thorough cleansing of the floors. It has also optimized the corner cleaning area by 89 per cent compared to the conventional circular vacuum. It is the new way to keep your apartment or mansion spotless.

Moreover, the robot does not require you to be in the house to perform any household chores. The device links with a companion smartphone app for instructions. With a simple click of a button, you can clean your house. Users can now customize their personal cleaning routines with the app and schedule the robot to clean according to their own standards.

Artificial intelligence has done more than create robots which performs various tasks like a human being. They have created richer experiences which have enabled users to observe what it is doing from a mobile phone or any device. You can now monitor everything that is happening in your house with the Hom-bot.

For those concerned about pets, toys and children, the device is designed to cleverly recognize personal items in the house and can even warn you when there is an intruder in the house.

“The LG Hom-bot was designed with features never seen before in robot vacuums in the market. It is the only device in the market that turns the user’s smartphone cameras into a set of eyes. We are dedicated in making the cleaning experience more enjoyable for consumers,” said LG Electronics Marketing Manager Moses Marji.

LG has given its users access to a personal assistant that in addition to cleaning your house, can connect itself to a charger, provide more suction and offer seven different cleaning modes that you can choose from.




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