Mettā Launches a Monthly Programme to Catalyse Innovation Across Industry Sectors

Mettā, a global entrepreneurs’ club, is launching Nairobi’s first Catalyst Programme, a series of industry-specific workshops for startups. Each month, the Mettā Catalyst Programme will bring together industry experts, mentors and corporates to help entrepreneurs running promising early stage companies accelerate growth and take their businesses to the next level.

Launched in May 2016, Mettā is a community-driven entrepreneurs’ club that connects people, ideas and resources. The platform, which was invested in and backed by Nest, has been created to bring startups, innovators, influencers, and companies from around the world closer together and support them on their path to success.

Mettā is built around three principles: community, live events, and a space that the global entrepreneurial community can call home.  A member can use any Mettā space in the world, access an internal social network of all global members via an app called Metta Connect, and attend meaningful events. Members that demonstrate value to the startup ecosystem are welcome to be part of the community but must also be referred by an existing member.

The Catalyst Programme will allow participants to leverage the expertise of industry leaders to build innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions. February’s inaugural programme begins with a focus on Education and EdTech, and Mettā is looking for entrepreneurs and startups who would like to create sustainable strategies for their education-related businesses.

The programme itself will run from the 15th to 24th February and consist of four half-day sessions with the following key focus areas:

  • Session 1 – Business Modelling and Idea Crystallisation
  • Session 2 – UX and Market Research: From Idea to Innovation
  • Session 3 – Financial Modelling: Building Out the Numbers
  • Session 4 – Team: Hiring and Retaining the Right Talent


The Catalyst Programme brings together curated speaker sessions and workshops, culminating in a demo day where the selected startups will get an opportunity to showcase their innovations and interact with key ecosystem stakeholders.


February: Education and EdTech. Apply here

March: Urban Living and Property Tech

April: AI, Blockchain and Data


Maurice Otieno, Ecosystem Development Lead (Africa) at Mettā, said, “We are launching the Catalyst Programme to help connect experts, mentors, corporates and startups in a productive and structured manner”. He added “The initiative is geared towards nurturing innovators and facilitating focused dialogue between stakeholders in the wider ecosystem, spurring the sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise while creating a plethora of collaborative opportunities.”



Below are the sharing sessions to learn more about the programme

  1. Mettā Nairobi ( 6F Belgravia Building at 14 Riverside – February 9th at 10 am
  2. iHub Nairobi ( 4F Bishop Magua Building – Ngong Road on Thursday 9th
  3. iBiz Africa ( Strathmore University) Friday 10 th from 5:30pm

Applications for the inaugural programme in Nairobi with a focus on education and technology are now open online at




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