Social Media Marketing Ideas For A Salon (Hair And Beauty)

Do you own a salon or are you looking to venture into this kind of business? Whether you do it as a business or for fun, you want your name known when it comes to that particular industry.  You probably want to be known as the best when it comes to Ghanaian lines or crocheting. But how do you curve your niche in this vast industry and build your brand online?

Celebrities like associating their image to their stylists or designers, from the dress they’re putting on, to the shoes all the way to the jewelry and make up. And note that majority of them associate themselves with the renown designers. How do you become a renown barber or hair dresser? It’s by consistently giving your customers what they want and how they want it. Don’t lie to a customer that you can fix their weave when you know very well that you can’t. Remember information about a poorly done hair job spreads like bush fire.

Social media is a great way to engage with your current and potential customers, spread more awareness about your services, and create brand loyalty among customers by reinforcing what makes your salon unique.


Before you post anything on social media, make sure it is something you feel your customer would want to talk about or be interested in.

Post facts, information or photos that your target audience would find appealing and that are in line with your brand image.


Nine Tips On How To Manage Your Online Marketing

  1. Host a how-to session on how to braid your hair.
  2. Showcase your work through photos by different happy clients
  3. Try out different catchy new hairstyles on dolls and seek your audience’s opinion.
  4. Constantly post facts and tips on how people can manage their natural or treated hair.
  5. Organize training sessions on how to handle hair and beauty products.
  6. Have a blog where you document the events or activities your salon is undertaking and this is a great place to share the tips too. You can also be a guest author on other top salon blogs.
  7. Act as your own billboard by letting your hair be at its best. No one wants their hair done by someone whose hair isn’t done.
  8. Provide deals or promotions to your followers/subscribers.
  9. Engage in relevant online discussions like trending hashtags in your industry. This is a good way to express your expertise by contributing to the topic of discussion.


Hopefully you’ll find this post helpful to help your salon have a better online presence with the intention of gaining new customers, retaining them through brand loyalty, and creating an interactive relationship with your followers.





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