Barclays Bank Of Kenya To Enhance Convenience For Its Customers In 2017

I grew up knowing that Barclays Bank Of Kenya was reserved for the elitists. I believed then that I could only bank with them if I had a six figure salary and that perception lived with me long enough until about a year ago when the bank embarked on a restructuring program that has seen it become more accommodating in the Kenyan market. Just like any bank, Barclays Bank of Kenya is constantly looking for new and innovative ways of doing business. To that effect, the bank held a session in conjunction with the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) to help demystify the aforementioned perception and make Kenyans understand its commitment to the Kenyan Market.


Photo: Caroline Ndung’u, Marketing And Corporate Relations Director

Representing Barclays were Mr. Jeremy Awori, the bank’s C.E.O and Caroline Ndung’u, the Marketing and Corporate Relations Director. Topics of discussion included their innovation agenda, the bank’s values, shared growth and the Ready To Work program. Barclays Bank has been around for 100 years with networks in 38 counties and 120 outlets focusing on Diversity and Inclusion, Innovation and shared Growth.

When I was asked to open an account with Barclays about two years ago, I unapologetically declined. I wanted a bank that could be accessible anywhere anytime. As a customer, we are always looking for convenience when it comes to our service providers. Mr. Jeremy pointed out that they were working tirelessly to automate routine transactions and increase their network to enhance convenience and customer experiences for its customers. Apart from that, they were working on alternate channels for customers to transact including and not limited to upgrading to intelligent ATMS that would accept deposit taking, internet banking, mobile banking and simplify its processes when it comes to sending money.

The Barclays team also talked about the new website which will be featuring photos taken by local photographers. What a better way to promote local talent. Better yet, the website portals will allow investors to bid on startups. This will be a great chance for startups to get mentorship and financing for their business ventures.

Last year saw the bank launch the ReadytoWork program which is in line with the bank’s global citizenship strategy which provides young people with essential skills when it comes to work, people, money and entrepreneurship to improve their employment or self-employment prospects.

It was clear that Barclays will be focusing more on creating new and innovative products for the Kenyan customer including Small and Medium Enterprises in order to stimulate future growth.

Well, now am ready to open an account with Barclays Bank.




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