Using Mystery Shopping To Improve Customer Experience

Mystery Shopping is a kind of research done by people posing as normal and genuine customers procuring a product or service in order to give feedback that will enable companies to find out what their customers are experiencing, and then use this information to improve service standards, customer experiences and sales performance. The mystery shoppers provide clients with focused and actionable information on what happens when a customer comes into contact with frontline staff.

This can be done through regular Walk ins, telephone, email and other online tools.

It just boils down to how well you know and understand your customers.  Do you know what they are? Do you know what they like? And finally, do you know what they would want changed? Mystery shopping through the entire customer journey can give you some insights into what they are and which ones need attention.

Every interaction with your organization leaves either a positive or negative impression on customers. The places we like to go and the people we like to see have the same thing in common – they make us feel good. The service experience that the customer encounters will determine whether that customer will return or call your business again.

Mystery shopping helps companies attain a competitive edge by significantly improving customer service, customer satisfaction and sales techniques. The results enable action by identifying strengths and weaknesses in service delivery, product knowledge and sales performance.

It is important to establish that mystery shoppers are not trying to catch staff out in anyway. Mystery shoppers can also tell you in a more general sense what sort of larger issues might be lurking. If 100% of your mystery shoppers report that the display is unorganized, you know what to attack first.

It’s also much harder to gather this type of feedback when it is a business-to-business organization. Mystery shopping a complex sales process is pretty challenging due to the high-level qualifications often required.

If you’re a new business trying your hand in an already satisfied market, mystery shopping can offer valuable insight into what competitors aren’t offering their customers. If you’re an established business contending with new competition, mystery shopping can show you what the new guy is bringing to the table.



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