African Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ASENTI) 2016

The African Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation(ASENTI) will take place on 4-5th November 2016 at United State International University of Africa (USIU-Kenya); the theme of the summit being “Rethinking Innovation in Africa”.

The summit which will congregate 600-800 delegates and over 40 speakers from across Africa and even globally is designed as a youth summit that will bring together young entrepreneurs from Kenya and other African countries for a 3-day intensive leadership and entrepreneurial skills development training.

Key Pillars

The summit agenda will focus on the following key pillars;

  1. Youth Empowerment
  2. Green Energy
  3. Agribusiness
  4. Finance
  5. Social media strategy
  6. Food security
  7. Trade policies
  8. Marketing
  9. Mobile Technology
  10. Science and health innovations

This will be a great forum for entrepreneurs and innovators from across Africa and beyond to discuss opportunities for startups across Africa.

The speakers and panelists have been thoroughly selected and they include some of the best business leaders, mentors and counselors from Africa and beyond.

ASENTI strongly emphasizes on reactivating the immeasurable creative potential of business leaders, startups, aspiring entrepreneurs for their economic empowerment through entrepreneurship and innovations, hence making them assets, not liabilities through collaborative efforts with national and international entrepreneurs.

You are welcome to apply to attend as a delegate ,and in case you have an idea that can change the world, apply for the ASENTI awards . The selected ideas will be taken through a three-day accelerator program and a few will have a chance to pitch during the summit.

For any inquiries, contact the organizers on or call +254720729592,



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