How To Salvage Your Company From A Possible Brand Failure

Last few weeks have seen many Kenyan businesses come under scrutiny for their goods or services. With the hash tag (Boycott.) KOTs have been expressing their concern and anger at some of the services offered by the businesses .Nakumatt, Barclays, Juja city Mall were the latest victims to KOTs unforgiving nature .Of course some of the concerns were genuine but some were not but just misinformed or uninformed people who routinely publish moronically mendacious posts looking for a laugh or even worse sabotage a brand. Concerns like these if genuine and affect a business, if not addressed could lead to brand failure.

Many organizations have experienced some public failure in business at one point or another. Those who haven’t probably are not working hard enough to stretch and innovate. The public can be harsh, but amazingly forgiving depending on how a business handles the failure. Those who rise like a phoenix from the ashes inspire many people .A business can choose to Wallow in the disaster and draw pity, or stand up and address the problem with responsibility and vigor until the recovery becomes more impressive than the failure. Determination and resolve are the only things that  can assure a business of a new beginning.

Sometimes a company may suffer a brand failure. A brand identity, name and logo is a company’s public face. So in case of a brand failure which is characterized by diminishing returns, a business should do everything it can to recover and revamp their brand. The following are some of the suggestions a company can try to use to recover.

Positive thinking

Most drawbacks are not complete failures. A product may experience a little setback but a company doesn’t throw in the towel .A product launch flopped, but it’s still a good product and they get a lot of ideas on how to build on the small customer base achieved. Enthusiasm, self-confidence and a focus on the future will make people forget the flops.

Don’t make it a big deal

Often, we keep going back to what went wrong, even though everyone else has long forgotten about it. Unless you are sure that people are still thinking about it, don’t bring up the mistakes of the past but focus on the future. A company needs not remind people of past failures, Authors also write bad books and Olympic champions lose races too.

Utilize the learning opportunity

Without failure a company cannot experience great success. A brand failure allows the company to figure out a new and better way of redoing something. If they made a poor presentation, they should figure out what they need to do to improve, and then quickly identify an opportunity to show people that the company can do better.

Don’t blame anyone, Take full responsibility

Even if it happens to be the managers who let the company down, playing the blame game and blaming the employees gives the company a bad image. A company can decide to not use particular employees for future projects, they should just keep the information to themselves to avoid escalating a situation. However if some specific people are deliberately undermining the company’s brand and trying to sabotage the products, then there is need to escalate the matter.



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