Five Peculiar Habits Among Kenyan Female Social Media Users

Kenyans are arguably the most consumers’ of social media in Africa. Their presence is felt by the online community with Twitter and Facebook being the major platforms used. Social media has helped Kenyans speak freely about contentious issues where different people share their input, values and opinion on weighty social, political and economic matters. It has also eased communication across the globe as well as improved socialization.

However social media has brought out some rather unusual behaviors and habits among the Kenyans. Some of the content published by Kenyans is met with criticism, laughter wonder excitement and disgust in equal measure by the online communities. Some of the content published which include photos, blog articles, what’s app status updates, comments on posts have gotten some of them on the wrong side of the law, some have gotten the individuals ridiculed and laughed at and  some have made people ‘socialites’- read popular among the online community.

Kenyan women are known to have the most atypical of habits on social media. Ranging from all platforms on social media, these are notably the 5 most peculiar habits the women portray on social media.

Cat fishing

This is a situation where female social media users create pseudo accounts disguised as men with the intention of flirting with other female social media users. This is especially rampant among the KOT. Many ladies have fallen victims to these habits, and have ended up dedicating their time and resources creating relationships with the ‘cat fishers’ only to realize they were also women.


Kenyan ladies are especially notorious of this habit. They screenshot private conversations between them and their friends, families or workmates and publish them on social media. Some do it with the pure intention of maligning and disparaging other peoples name while others do it for shallow short-sided gains over their adversaries.


Kenyan women are ostensibly infamous for this trait. Many at times, you might log in to your favorite  social media platform hoping to get a glimpse of the latest happenings in the world only to find your timeline bombarded by photos of all the meals some ladies had in that day. The photos are mostly from trendy restaurants, or home cooked meals replete on social media sites.

Whatsapp status

Kenyan ladies are best known to communicate through their Whatsapp statuses. The status updates which are changed as regularly as after 10 minutes communicate about their feelings, where they are going or doing, and sometimes coded messages meant for a specific follower. Need to know what a woman is thinking any given day or time, just check their Whatsapp status.


Recently, photos of a Kenyan lady who had photos hoped herself in countless images with various world celebrities and major tourist attractions across the globe went viral. The Kenyan woman achieved Internet notoriety with her delightful travel-themed photo series, which chronicles her very beautiful, very fake Asian vacation. Well, she may have been lucky to find someone to sponsor her to an all paid vacation at China but this just goes to prove how creative Kenyan women are in photoshop.




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