Tech Gadgets Designed For Expectant Women

A pregnancy is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a woman. Over the years,  expectant mothers have had to wait painstakingly for 9 months to know, connect with their unborn babies. They only got the chance to know the state and progress of their pregnancy after something had gone wrong which sadly would be fatal to either the baby or the mother. The gender as well as weight would be discovered only after birth especially in technologically inept countries.

However the advancement in technology has provided expectant mothers with myriads of equipment to help track the development of the unborn baby. This user friendly gadgets  utilize the android and IOS  operating systems  with an easy to use user interface designed to give the expectant  mother a pleasant experience when connecting  with their unborn babies.The last one year has especially  seen pregnancy gadgets pent rate market’s  worldwide. Manufacturers are now making ultra-modern tech gadgets targeting the modern empowered tech savvy to help expectant women  get connected as well as keep track of the development of their unborn babies. This has helped reduce a lot of risks associated with pregnancy and reduced the number of miscarriages in general.

Below are some of the latest pregnancy gadgets in the market today;

Ritmo Advanced Complete Pregnancy Audio System

 ritmoWould you want your baby to have the same music taste as you? The Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Audio Belt provides a comfortable and convenient way to play music to baby in the womb. Portable and lightweight, it doubles up as a support belt and has a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 15 hours. It links to an MP3 player or smartphone and has four mini speakers positioned around the belt to evenly distribute audio around the womb, at a decibel level that is safe for your baby’s stage in development.


Belly Buds      

 belly-budThis Baby-Bump Sound System features two speakers that attach to the mother’s tummy to play music and recorded voices to baby in-utero. The price includes access to Voice Share, the company’s voice-recording network that lets parents-to-be record a story, song or message, which can then be downloaded to an MP3 player and shared with the baby-to-be through the speakers.




Elvie is a pelvic floor exercise device that is designed to sit inside a woman. Providing all the benefits of a standard kegel device, it also provides real-time bio feedback and gives an LV score within an app – both iOS and Android versions are on offer. It packs motion sensors that track the muscle movements during kegel exercises and tells the user whether they are performing them correctly.

You can use Elvie during your pregnancy as long as you are not suffering from any complications – but you should double check with your doctor first. Ultrasound scanning has developed rapidly over the last decade. Hospitals now routinely provide detailed scans of babies in the womb, while high-street shops are giving parents the opportunity to capture 3D stills and 4D moving images of the baby on a CD.

Ultra Stan


Ultra Stan promises to go one step further and let parents see and hear their baby in the womb when and where they want, whether that’s at home or even out and about. Simply link Ultra Stan to the BleepBleeps smartphone app and it can record videos and audio of baby in the womb, and take photos as he or she somersaults and kicks away.


QardioBase Wireless Smart Scale

 quardiobaseExpectant mums can make use of the Pregnancy Mode on this stylish body analyzer to keep track of their health and progress as the baby develops. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices and pairs with the Qardio app on a smartphone or tablet, expectant mothers can view their body data and share it with chosen contacts such as a doctor or physician.Meanwhile, the scales can be programmed to track the BMI and weight of multiple users, so other household members can make use of specific settings too. Using Gym Mode for example, will monitor fitness goals and users are rewarded with a smiley face when they stay on track.

Women now no longer have to rush to the antenatal clinics with the most mundane of worries and questions about the health and progress of their unborn babies. With any of these devices, an expectant mother can now connect with their unborn child on ways that could only have been considered folklore by generation you.



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