Feeling Exhausted? Try These Five Simple Relaxation Techniques

At times our bodies get fatigued and lazy due to exhaustion and the only good thing at such times is relaxing. It is possible to ignore such body whispers of the need to relax forgetting that it is only when we are happy and relaxed that we are in a good position to help ourselves and others.  Make it upon yourself to take some few minutes off your tight schedule and get into in a relaxing position and you will be surprised how well your body will start functioning.

There are a number of ways that you can relax, some are complicated and others are simple and require few minutes and less effort to achieve. Here are some of the ways I have found to be very effective from experience.

Play With Your Breath

This is one of the simplest and most effective way of relaxing. Go to any yoga class and your trainer is definitely likely to suggest this method to you. Take five long breaths slowly and be attentive to feel how good your chest feels as you slowly breathe out.

Give Yourself Some Undivided Attention;

This may sound a bit vague and maybe selfish but it a very effective way to relax. You can start by doing general cleaning of your home, removing all unwanted stuff that may be stir up sad or bitter memories. You can later give your body a way bath, tenderly massaging your skin. You can also stand on the shower and let hot water hit your skin and you will be surprised at how such simple care to yourself makes you feel relaxed.

Keeping A Daily Journal/Diary

I was never a fan of keeping a diary until I started going through different phases in my life that I felt the need to document them. Sometimes it’s funny when you read about the “stupid” stuff you used to do in school and it instantly lightens up your mood. Your brain at times also needs to feel relaxed and unburdened from the many thoughts that might be running through your mind. You can do this by trying to keep a diary on your daily life. You can especially focus on writing the good things that have happened to you and they will be helpful if a bad day comes along. When you are not writing, you can go through your past entries and who knows, you might stumble upon something that jogs your mind out of the normal.


This is my favorite. You do not necessary need to go for a retreat to have a good meditation moment. You can sit in relaxing position at the comfort of your home and concentrate on your breath and feel the worry and all nervousness melt away. Personally, I meditate a lot especially about my future, how beautiful it’s going to be and I literally build castles in the air.

Using the power of the pillow

I know ladies love this one. Sometimes the mind gets tired and all you can wish for is switching off everything and thinking about nothing. When that isn’t possible, you can take a pillow and lay your head on it and imagine the pillow sucking all your worries. This can easily soothe you in a sweet relaxed nap.

Give Yourself Permission

Most of the time we deny ourselves permission to do the things we love. It sounds so simple, but until someone actually tells you to give yourself permission, it can be hard to accept it yourself. I can do what I want, I can live exactly how I want, I deserve it and so much more. Don’t think the fact that you don’t have a degree or experience that you shouldn’t be successful or remain stressed up in one career. Try out different things and you just never know where your passion lies.

There you go. Remember, a relaxed mind is a productive mind.



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