Great Customer Service Experience = $

Everyone at one point has had a customer service experience that either left them happy or disappointed. Criticism due to poor customer service is usually a bitter pill to swallow but today with the increase of social media use, such complaints are being channeled via social platforms such as twitter and Facebook. This leaves many businesses no choice but improve their customer service. Here are some of customer service experiences that I have had that made me appreciate the impact of great customer service.

Compensation on poorly packed goods; I did my monthly shopping in one of the supermarkets in town; little did I know that the cooking oil was poorly sealed. As fate had it, the packing guy didn’t also realize that the oil was spilling. It is when unpacking my shopping at home that rude shock hit me; the oil had spilled all over the other goods making them so soggy and undesirable. Filled with anger, I checked the customer service number from the oil can and called them ready to “burn them down” with my anger. Fortunately for them, the lady on the other side was sweet spoken and very apologetic for the mess. They promised to compensate me for the damage done as well as improve on their sealing. That actually cooled me down and I ended up feeling much better after talking to the customer service rep.

Ladies are usually crazy about their hair and would go heights to have their hair done by the best hairdresser even if it means paying a fortune for it. A new salon opened in the neighborhood but didn’t seem to have such class and most of my friends dissed it until one day a friend had to have her hair unplaited as a matter of urgency. Being the closest salon, she hopped in and everyone was expecting the worst to happen, but oh boy, you could tell from the way she was smiling that she’d had a good time and had not been handled like a robot. Not only did the hairdresser handle her well but also made sure she was comfortable. From what she told us later, every customer who visited that salon left smiling as the customer service was great. Despite having looked down on it initially, that is where I always have my hair done as I love the way those ladies handle me in addition to the fact that I can pop in at any time considering it is close to my home.

From the two examples above, it is clear that customer service is very important. It doesn’t matter how small or new your business is, as long as customer service is perfect, it is very easy to rise and stand against competitors.

Every interaction with your organization leaves either a positive or negative impression on customers. The places we like to go and the people we like to see have the same thing in common – they make us feel good.




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