Social Media And Self-Esteem

Social media has become a common thing to all generations but that doesn’t fascinate me more than its effect on one’s self-esteem. All social platforms to some extent measure the level of popularity and reachability by our social community. If you are keen enough, you will realize that most people use their free time chatting and connecting with online friends. But my greatest question is does it really matter how many followers you have on twitter or how many Facebook friends you have? Does it matter how many likes you get or how widely shared your post has got?

It might sound like an obvious and ridiculous reason but people do get a low self-esteem if their posts get lower recognition compared to their online friends post. It is not an unusual thing to see someone get worried that they cannot access their online accounts may it be email or social accounts such as Facebook. I have to agree that social media has made it easy to be on the loop about what is happening, but if it starts messing with our self-esteem, I fail to see its worth. There are some people who are willing to go an extra mile of doing odd and unimaginable things just to get social media recognition.

Getting positive feedback on social media posts is one way that people’s self-esteem gets improved. But what happens if what you post doesn’t please people and they can’t help but comment negatively, your self-esteem is lowered. To avoid embarrassing people we are connected with, we tend to comment positively even if we know their posts are just crap or the photo “just doesn’t look okay”.

It is not uncommon to see someone worried sick that they cannot access their Facebook or twitter accounts. Why does this happen yet social media has such many negative effects on our lives? After spending so much time texting and chatting on social platforms, there are some people who might find it hard to communicate one on one with people in real life. Others become courageous all because they have many likes and everything they post goes viral.

These effects might not be so much on the grownups like it might be on kids who are still in the process of growing up. Feedback from friends greatly affects how the kid will grow up feeling about themselves. It is sad to know that a good kid can turn out to be boastful or become timid all because of one stupid comment on Facebook.



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