BAKE To Hold Blogging And Social Media Training In Machakos

Kenya has had its own share of arrests and prosecutions of online communicators, including bloggers.

In April, a blogger was been arrested for “peddling falsehoods about banks” amid efforts by the Central Bank to clean up the sector.

Another blogger was arrested and accused of peddling falsehoods that sparked anxiety over the fate of Chase Bank, prompting depositors to flock the bank and make huge withdrawals at once.

These and many other cases are a clear example that either the government or the bloggers themselves don’t understand the rules that govern the online space. And yes, there are rules.

With the increase in the number of blogs cropping up every day online, there is a need to offer training and guidance to new entrants who are trying to curve a niche in this growing industry.

The Bloggers Association of Kenya in partnership with the US Embassy will this Saturday 23rd July 2016 hold a beginner’s course on blogging and Social Media in Machakos at Garden Hotel from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.

A lot of people who want to venture into blogging always want to understand how the blogosphere works from what platforms to use to how they’ll make money or rather impact using their blogs or social media.


  • Basics of blogging and social media
  • Writing skills and readership
  • Blogging and Social media ethics
  • Copyright and fair use

The training will also focus on the Social Media ethics to apply while engaging others on different social media platforms.

Participants are encouraged to carry their laptops for the ultimate hands on training experience. Wifi will be provided.

To register for this free training, please click on this link.

Use the hashtag #MasakuTraining.



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