Women Are Just As Good Gamers As Men

The evolution and popularity of video games has increased rapidly over the years and so does the video gamers. Men and their ego are known to flaunt how good gamers they are but that trend seems to be changing as women too have not only developed keen interest in playing but have also become masters in the field.

In most cases you will find that there is a very small difference between the number of men and women who play video games. However the discrepancy between those who actually play and those who people assume play based on gender lead to the notion that video gaming is a men only thing.  Such misconceptions have also been contributed to by a larger number of men calling themselves gamers as compared to women.  These kinds of perceptions have even led to some developers developing games that are more male oriented leaving out women.

It would be also important to note that the increase in smartphones has changed the gaming scene completely. You no longer need PS4 or XBOX to enjoy playing your favorite games. Anyone with a smartphone can access a myriad of free games of their choice.

Generally looking at games which have been developed with no such notions, you will find that women will enjoy playing those games as much as men. And I am not talking about women who possess masculine features or those in the IT field. No, not all. Am also talking about the quiet church goers and those who do their nails more often.

With different categories of games available, you will find that men and boys are usually attracted to games which are more violent and brutal while women tend to avoid such games. They instead go for more soft games with less or no violence but are fun and interesting as much. This however does not limit women who are interested in the violent games. It is interesting to note that there are more female gamers than men who actually play games despite having a larger percentage of men calling themselves gamers. This is according to a research carried out by the Internet Advertising Bureau.

After all has been said, it is the high time people change their views as on who plays video games. As research already shows, anyone can enjoy a game as long as it is fulfilling their fantasies and unlike the way society views it, women tend to enjoy video games as much as men. The moment the society stops stereotyping the term “gamer”, the sooner it will realize that a high number of women are in to video games as much as there are men.

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