Women In Tech Africa Quarterly Event: Learn How To Present The Perfect Pitch

Just imagine you’re at a certain function, not necessarily a formal networking event, and one of the guests asks you, “So, what do you do?” Can you answer in one sentence so that they understand your company? I know of so many entrepreneurs who have fumbled when answering this question especially when caught off-guard.

Whether you are trying to raise money for your business or just want to perfect your business strategy, a solid pitch is an essential tool for achieving your goals.

An elevator pitch is vital. Verbose presentations and lengthy explanations will not impress investors, and most likely will turn them off.

Women In Tech Africa, through their quarterly event, is giving a chance to women entrepreneurs, to learn the art of coming up with a ‘perfect pitch’ from experienced panelists.

Working in technology can, at times, be an isolating experience for women, especially in Africa. The impact of this can limit women’s professional growth in the sector. Women need mentors, role-models and a network to share their experiences, challenges and skills.

The theme of this event is “Supporting our girls and Female Entrepreneurs” and is aimed at equipping women entrepreneurs with the appropriate skills for delivering just the right pitch.

Join Women In Tech Africa on 30th June from 6pm-9pm at WECREATE Center to learn how you can present that perfect pitch.

For more info about the event and bookings, please RSVP HERE.



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