Using Technology To Curb Corruption In Motor Vehicle Registration

It is not once or twice we have heard KRA bosses have held goods imported through Mombasa port for evading to pay duty. Motor vehicle registration is probably the most affected sector with the most recent cases involving a vehicle belonging to a Kenyan minister. This trend however is bound to change as the government through National Transport and Safety Authority has unveiled online vehicle registration portal.

Unveiled on Monday 13th June 15, 2016, the system is expected to eliminate the tedious and bribe overran manual registration. The manual registration would take up to a month to have a vehicle registered. The new online system is however expected to take a maximum of one hour to finish up the entire process as long as you have all the required documents. The system however was unveiled in modules whereby car dealers were given the first priority. After a month, other car importers will be integrated in the system.

Before unveiling to the public, the system has been undertaken through tests to ensure it is performing to the expected level. Its performance has given the NTSA the confidence in integrating it in the transport sector to try and restore sanity in the sector. To make it accessible to every Kenyan, the system will be integrated in the e-citizen portal.

The new online vehicle registration and the e-citizen portal are some of the few examples of how the Kenyan government has fully accepted and embraced technology. Involving renowned companies from countries that have fully embraced technology is a good sign that in the near future, our country will be among the most advantaged countries technology wise.

Other private companies and especially in the communication sector have also fully embraced the use of technology in their business operations. More than 80% of Kenyans have access to the internet. As far as I can tell, communication has become easier, businesses are now run 24/7, online markets have become the order or the day in Kenya and service provision has become easier and efficient. Technology has made life easy for Kenyans and the rate which this is happening, am seeing a more technology oriented country in very near future.



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