Leading Kenyan Telecom Company to Launch City Taxi, Littlecabs

Uber cabs have enjoyed business monopoly both in Nairobi and Mombasa since its luncheon a few months ago. Despite the monopoly in the sector, Kenyans have enjoyed secure and affordable transport services which in turn have made Uber to flourish. It has however not been a smooth ride for the Uber cab drivers as they faced resistance from regular cab owners. Back in March, six men were charged with property damage and attempted murder by Kenyan authorities as they retaliated after an Uber driver was attacked in February.

The monopolization might however come to an end as Kenya’s leading telecom Safaricom has joined hands with Craft Silicon, a software developer firm based in Nairobi to start technology leveraged cabs, Littlecabs. According to the Kenya’s leading telecom company CEO, Mr. Bob Collymore, Littlecabs is one way the company will apply to increase revenue as much as it will offer competition to Uber Cabs. The technology leveraged cab will also offer diversification in the taxi business sector within the city and hopefully the country at large.

The cabs which are expected to be launched in two weeks’ time will offer competition to Uber. According to Safaricom chief executive, Littlecabs are expected to offer highly affordable fares for common mwananchi, will have free Wi-Fi and will use Mpesa services for payment. Safaricom has a history of introducing little services in the market which turn to be major hits.

Through the years, Safaricom has launched several services that have been big hits in the market such as M-pesa, M-kopa and M-shwari. Despite these services being a major thing in Kenya, Safaricom has been able to maintain focus on its core business which is offering calls, text and internet services to consumers. Based on previous experience on how the company runs any service it launches, Littlecabs is expected to be a hit in the market. . If Littlecabs takes the same trend, it will be a big step and relief for the city dwellers over haggling taxi fares.

This might just be the next big and great service in transport industry which is expected to solve all fare issues in the city. It will not only come as a competition to Uber cabs and regular cabs, but will fully redefine transportation within the city. We can only hope that once launched, Littlecabs will take similar steps as other services offered by Safaricom.



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  1. It’s a good move by the company, it will boost the its corporate work in the society.

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