Kill Switch: The Anticipated Google Security For Your Phone

There are many conflicting arguments about the security of the android phone with some arguing that it is more secure than the iPhone. Have you ever for one second thought of what or how you would ensure all the data saved in your phone is secured in case you lost your phone? The probability that you ever did is minimal but with so many phones running on an android platform, it is the responsibility of google to ensure their safety.

Looking on the brighter side, Google has developed several apps that help you delete all the contents of your phone in case it got stolen. This security options are however very limited as your stolen smartphone can be sold to someone else. Word has it that google has put this in consideration and is planning to come up with an open source app that will help you kill your phone in case it gets stolen. The kill switch will allow you erase everything on your phone and brick thus rendering it useless for reselling. This will significantly minimize phone theft cases.

After being integrated in the iPhone, the app led to drastic decrease in iPhone theft which we hope will be the case with the android. When it comes to the security of the apps, android is perfect at it, making the kill switch a default app will improve android smartphone users’ confidence in the platform. This knowledge should make Google be quick in integrating the app.



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  1. that will be a big step in technology. it is scaring to buy an expensive phone only to lose it on the streets.

    • Yes. So many people can attest to how frustrating it is to lose an expensive phone, with a lot of data on it that can’t be recovered.

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