Why Samsung Galaxy S7 Is Still The Best Android Phone To Buy

For a long while, Samsung has been the bestselling smartphone brand in Kenya due to its amazing features. However that trend seems to be changing and it feels like the brand manufacturers have reached their comfort zone and no longer incorporate new and exciting features the youth are looking for.  Compared to other upcoming brands such as Cubot, Wiko, Tecno and Infinix, I would say that Samsung is headed the Nokia way; they are reluctant in embracing the fast changing technology hence pushing Samsung lovers to opt for those other brands. But as the Swahili saying goes “Mgala muue na haki umpe” Samsung has one gadget that I have really fallen in love with and can possibly make you change your mind about running to other brands; Samsung Galaxy S7.


The phone is designed with a metal frame with an elegant glass front and black glass panels that look similar to its predecessor S6. What’s more, the phone is water proof which means you can drop it in water for 30 minutes and still get it out functioning normally.


The 5.1inch screen display phone has AMOLED (active matrix of light emitting diodes) which is the highest and most vibrant display you can get on a smartphone. Another plus why you should go for this phone. It has a 12MP camera which is good for some really good shots; some smartphone brands however are going for up to 16MP which makes me doubt if I would go for S7 when am looking for camera qualities. The camera has great resolution on low lighted areas but, it at times exaggerates some colors, why am giving this camera another negative.


Running on an Android 6.0 software gives you an opportunity to have some of the coolest apps favored by the software. Argument is that the Samsung S7 has TouchWiz interface that allows you to benefit more through customizing your home screen as you wish. Unlike the previous intrusions with googles android, TouchWiz doesn’t intrude with the original android even though it’s not a pure android itself.


The smartphone doesn’t however run short of cons. I am the type that likes to hear booming music and Samsung S7 denies me that pleasure due to its incredibly poor speakers.


If you had reached a point of dumping Samsung gadgets, think twice as this device still has outstanding features. It’s kind of a phone you can flaunt in public and still get attention. More so, if you are more of a brand name guy, then this gadget is definitely the one to go for.



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