Embracing Technology: Kenya’s Photoshop Queen Realizes her Dreams

Technology and social media has for the past few years been like a huge wave that has taken over Kenya and other countries in the world. Photoshop is one of the widely used programs with so many photo shopping tools available online. Many people are using it to express their desires and one such person is Sevelyn Kaiya, a Photoshop queen who got ridicule from “facebookers” for uploading pictures of herself in China. These photos which were obviously photo shopped received negative comments from many people creating an online buzz from haters. Little did they know that a good Samaritan will see her photos and desire to make her dreams come true.

Despite photoshopping herself badly, Sevelyn Gat embraced technology whole heartedly, did the little she knew, the best way she could which finally gave her the last laugh. Her case is just one of many happening that are brought about by technology if we could embrace it. It is true increase in social media use and growth in technology has its share of negative impacts in our lives. However the positive overdo the cons making it necessary to embrace technology advancement.


Other ways that the youth can and benefit from technology and social media growth is getting work from home jobs. You will agree with me that even after working hard in school, securing a job is not an easy thing to achieve. Many college and university students have therefore turned to online freelancing jobs where they get paid after offering their services. Offering virtual services to various companies all over the world has created jobs many youths in Kenya.

Companies are spending billions of money and willing to spend even more to get social media entrepreneurs who can help them acquire best ranking on search engines. With so many companies seeking different qualifications, it is the high time Kenyan youths fully embrace technology and social media for their own economic benefit. Let’s not use social media as a platform for spreading hatred and unnecessary gossip, instead let’s use it to trap cash being spent by foreign companies on freelancers.  Sevelyn faked it until she made it and achieved the desire of her heart, why can’t the rest of the Kenyan youths use the same platforms and many others to work for monetary value?



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