Another Political Drama? How Long will this Continue?

The last few weeks has seen Kenya experience demos from the opposition Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord). The demos which have been happening every Monday were however suspended with opposition looking forward to have a dialogue with the government concerning the IEBC issue. The demos have left a few people dead and others injured and still nothing from the government. Cord leadership has however put the demos on hold with hope of having a dialogue with the government.  The opposition is supposed to be the government’s watchdog. They have a right to call for peaceful demos but if they go to the extreme of some people losing their lives and others looting other people’s property, they stop being peaceful.

Even before the demo’s hot storm has completely calmed down, Cord is caught up in yet another controversy about Madaraka day. The opposition and another renowned Evangelist Lucy Ngunjiru of Prayer Beyond Boundaries Ministries seem to have a push and pull as to who has booked the Uhuru Park on Wednesday, 1st June. Both teams claim to have proof payment documents that show they have already paid for the stage.  As Kenyans, we are watching this and we are wondering who to blame. I don’t want to blame the oppositions but I have never before experienced the government and the opposition run two parallel rallies on Madaraka day.

Some members of parliament from the government have declared to mobilize several political figures from the government and attend the prayer rally by Wangunjiri. Now this leaves me wondering if they are doing this in good faith or just want to create tussle with their Cord counterparts. If our leaders are so eager to fight in public without shame, whom do they expect us to turn to for governance of the country?

My opinion is that Madaraka day should be a day that our good politicians (both the government and the opposition) put their differences aside and try to calm the political heat and tension that is hovering all over the country. As Kenyans, we have no desire of experiencing what we did during the 2007 PEV. Things might seem like they went back to normal but the truth is, the internal wounds still ache. We still remember what happened, the politicians incited us and after we got into each other necks, they went back to their cocoons for safety. 2017 is not too far and we should be very careful when going to the ballot box though sometimes I wonder who among the politicians is to be trusted.



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