Watch Jicho Pevu Here If You Missed It : Was It Right For Jicho Pevu To Expose Cheryl Kitonga?

Yesterday’s Mohamed Ali’s Jicho Pevu exposé had many Kenyans draw conclusions on social media on what really happened to the late businessman Jacob Juma.

The exposé sought to look into Juma’s last twelve hours of his life. One lady, who happened to be with Juma on that fateful day, featured very prominently…In fact the exposé turned to be all about her.

Unlike other Jicho Pevu exposés, this one had many Kenyans infuriated by the way it was carried out and that it failed to attain the mark of professional Journalism.


According to KOT, It was unprofessional for the exposé to reveal the lady’s identity yet the taxi guy’s identity had been concealed.

Here are some of the views from the KOT Using the hashtag #JichoPevu ;





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