It’s so bad when Kenyans want to set their lifestyle according to their political views. Once upon a time Ruto supported Raila. When Raila and Uhuru meet, they shake hands and call each other brothers. Even Raila and Kibaki once shared the same power.

Why do you want to kill yourselves because you are political rivals? These leaders are also political rivals but amidst everything they put up that “everything is fine” face outside the political court. It’s high time Kenyans grew up and changed their way of thinking to a more straight and rationale manner. We should strive to build a better Kenya.

A good example is the United States. Only two political parties with no ethnic or racial affiliations. They vote for people who will improve their standards of living. But what about Kenya? Everyday giving birth to a political party that is tribal or ethnic affiliated. This collectively with the escalating corruption brings disharmony which does not lead to the well coveted peace.

Another good example is when our athletes perform well on an international platform. We always come together as one to congratulate them despite our different tribes. We spoke with one voice when Yego performed exceptionally well in javelin. And when our Shujaa team won the Singapore leg of the World Rugby Sevens Series. Can we forget about our tribes or religion when it comes to voting in people who are meant to lead us to vision 2030?

Kenyans despite their differences should be ready to speak one voice of truth and peace. It’s high time we realized that it’s we that are affected by the deteriorating economy. Just as Raila went to sympathize with the huruma victims and hell broke loose as he was subjected to tear gas again…honestly I have no words to describe that scenario.

This does not depict a good picture of a people we want to be. Vision 2030 lies ahead contrary to the jubilee manifesto of which after 100 days of their leadership they would issue every standard one going kid with a laptop. Now the kids who are to be offered are in class four.

This is the time when the laptops have started being issued…How many days later? Do the mathematics. As a serious Kenyan looking forward to vision 2030, you should already be doing the mathematics and know the exact date of that vision.

This lack of trust within us and our leaders is the one that leads to riots, chaos and violence. It’s very much in order for us to stand as one and help grow the nation. For change begins with us… all in our mind. Let’s set our mindset right and let the broken past mend as we forge on to a better country.

Let Kenya be a haven of peace.



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