Will The Resetting Of National Exams Guarantee Credibility?

According to the recently ended retreat by the new KNEC officials in Naivasha, the new KNEC body will set new exams to curb the exam cheating menace experienced last year. The body is preparing to develop questions from scratch starting this week. This means that printing the papers can only start after two months.

Rampant exam cheating witnessed last year got some officials parking out. But the big question is that who sets the exam? A Kenyan… To whom is it leaked? A Kenyan child.. How competent is this body to ensure that the exams are administered with utmost credibility and transparency? Let’s wait and see them act their talk.

The exam cheating menace is a very uncouth practice that is denying some bright kids chances to public Universities. For instance, a genuine B from a bright kid is substituted by a stolen A from a student who deserves less than a C… This is a thumb up for honorable Fred Matiangi who is going to put the education sector, a very sensitive docket in its right place.

The fake paper made doctors, engineers and accountants are going to be scrapped off and everyone will get whatever he/she deserves. However, it’s Kenyans to choose to be responsible citizens and do what is right to avoid all this shepherding game. It doesn’t hurt to be disciplined rather it pays… But the good thing is that nothing done in darkness remains black.

Back in the days when exams used to be set for students and done by students has been reversed since exams are set by teachers to teachers who give students marking schemes to confirm in exam rooms.

This couldn’t have come at a more precise time with the suspension of nine KNEC senior managers in March to pave way for investigations into irregularities that rocked the 2015 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam.

It’s a good strategy set up by the new council but it will only be better if they walk their talk.






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