Societal neglect or failed parenting?

‘Morality Cases On The Rise’ is a heading that was on one of the stories that was in one of the most popular dailies in the republic,last week. I nearly ignored it because I am one of the most amoral people you will ever meet on earth. I never judge and I expect not to be judged. Live and let live,but still I read the story.

It was not about how cases of people not paying tithe and offering have increased. No. Neither was it the story of how Kenyans have taken stealing, corruption, bribery and nepotism and whatever comes with it. We embraced those vices long long ago. They are a part of our national heritage and may in future be looked at as a symbol of national unity ; Such do not even warranty a line let alone a story in any self-respecting national daily. Those stories never sell any more.

Apparently, the morality cases that have increased by a whooping 40% are those of incest and rape and formication. Fathers are it with their young daughters,mothers with their sons,brothers with their sisters and in fact this simply means everyone is having it with everybody. Scary,right?

Over 4200 cases were reported in the republic,a rise from the 3,145 cases reported in 2015 and when one county contributes to over a quarter of these cases you get really,really,really scared. Nakuru had over 1,000 cases reported. Why are these cases on the rise? Why are they even there? Family is to blame. Stop looking at me that way. It is true. Family is to blame.

I have been a victim/witness of such in the past. It happened when I was teaching at a local school in my home area straight after high school. That was in 2008. As the Deputy Principal (headmaster is a tiny,tiny title) I dealt with many issues but when one of my female student started missing school more frequently than the number of times you see CORRUPTION in our dailies, I knew I had a problem. The moment she started using illness as an excuse without ever going to any doctor I became suspicious so I asked one friendly female teacher to snoop around and quiz anyone and everyone including her,the student, on the matter. It took a lot of effort not to mention time to get any info.

The girl was pregnant. I was shocked but not as shocked as when I learnt that the dad was responsible. I was flummoxed and utterly bewildered. The mother and all the neighbours were aware of this case of father sleeping and impregnating his daughter and they did nothing. I gave up on humanity completely when I heard that this was the second pregnancy. The product of the first was a two-year daughter. But why?

Why do sleep with your 13-year-old daughter? Why condone your husband sleeping and impregnating your daughter? Why stand aside as all this and do nothing? Guess what I did even after learning all these and being angry,bewildered and flummoxed? Nothing. Utterly nothing. What would you do? The mother is aware of all that is happening and she is staying put,neighbours and other family members are aware but cannot do anything,the provincial administration (read chief and police and Children Welfare Officers) are aware of all these and do nothing. What would you do?

Such cases are there and many are reported but a bulk of them go unreported for various reasons and excuses chief among which is that the perpetrators are usually the breadwinners of the family. You can’t report it if the victim and the potential witnesses are not willing to report this. It is scary and sad by then again,not much can be done except maybe hope that no one participates in these acts.



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