The Dangers of People Not Thinking And Hiding Under ‘Regulations’

I have been avoiding by burying my head in the sand that Project X story that has been trending in the cyberspace for the past week. I have also been avoiding that other story of Ali Hassan Joho asking Nkaissery to return his guns and bolster his security. You ask why? Maybe you also have been ignoring life outside your own and haven’t asked anyone to care and yet,here I am,telling you that I have been avoiding those two boring topics.

My time hiding was cut short on Tuesday afternoon when House Members started debating (they never argue,those bright chaps) about that same boring story of Project X and how it promised an orgy. I was only hearing because the vehicle I was travelling in happened to have its radio tuned to a station airing the parliamentary afternoon session. I still haven’t gotten why the government or anyone should decide the moral code for all its right-thinking adult populace while quoting the Bible. Why should that same Holy Book be used to judge other people who don’t subscribe to it?

We have very learned people in the government, you know the ones we would expect to make intelligent decisions. In fact, when they were outside government, they made a positive impact with the kind of sober decisions they made. Once they got into government, somehow they become suddenly foolish and think the only way to run this country is to regulate everything.

That other story I was avoiding about the Mombasa Governor and his guns reminds me of a day in the not so far past when a certain opposition leader was denied access to the VIP section of a Kenyan airport just because he disagreed with one friend of the Head of State. What happened to democracy which allows us to disagree without such acts?,What happened to democracy that allows people to support anyone they so wish for political office without being victimized?

What happened to allowing adults to congregate and gather and drink and party without thinking of curtailing ‘orgies’?

All of these point to a regime that is slowly but surely becoming intolerant and before we know it we will have a Zimbabwe-sque situation. We all, as adults should be allowed to associate with others of all creeds without being judged. We should be allowed to vote for and support whoever we want for political office as long as we are peaceful. Nobody should be allowed to decide for us not to watch a movie because he/she disagrees with it.

Can we get leaders who will make decisions because it is the right decision to make and not rush to fulfill an immediate desire. Is it because they want to look like they are doing something about this… even though the smarter among them know there is very little they can actually do that wouldn’t be essentially a big lie in this context and likely make matters worse?

Very soon everything we do will be regulated; what you eat, who you talk to, when you go to bed,who to vote for, when to go to the bathroom, when and how to use the internet and so forth.

The truth is that in many cases state and local governments are far worse.  We have become a nation that is run and dominated by bureaucrats.  Yes, there always must be rules in a society, but we have gotten to the point where there are so many millions of rules that the game has become unplayable.

I am scared after last week when young people who were holding a birthday party were arrested on suspicion of it being another Project X. Now they are arresting us for having fun? For being happy? Be scared.Be very scared



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