MasterCard Start Path Program To Engage Kenyan startups

MasterCard Start Path is a global effort to support innovative early stage startups developing the next generation of commerce solutions today

Since 2014, Start Path has provided more than 60 startups a variety of operational support, mentorship and investment to develop the next generation of commerce solutions and this this time round, Kenyan Startups have been invited to apply for the 6-months Virtual Program.

Under the MasterCard Start Path Global Program, a new class of startup organizations sourced from around the world are recruited quarterly for the virtual program that focuses on operational support, mentorship and investment training.

MasterCard Start Path recruits a new class of startups each quarter to embark on the six-month virtual programme, which is currently accepting applications for its next class. Interested applicants have till March 21st to apply for the next class.

“Startups are actively experimenting with new solutions aimed at transforming the status-quo across a wide variety of industries including financial services, retail, and healthcare” said Stephane Wyper, global lead of MasterCard Start Path. “We can provide critical support through operational expertise and access to a steady pipeline of customers, channels and partners.”

Start Path has seen success in the MEA region and is intensifying its search as a continuing reminder of the innovation potential of local startups. In MEA, the program is currently working closely with several startups including Saida, which has developed an app that uses the data on the customers’ smartphones to underwrite loans to them in minutes. The app just launched in Kenya and has been instrumental in providing over 16,000 loans.

In just two years, Start Path Global has a strong record of helping startups transform innovations into sustainable business propositions.”

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