Time To Raise Bar In War on Runaway Corruption

Elections and campaigns are a great thing. For one, they come with great and new words unheard of before. I know a load of English but I only heard the word Manifesto from the two horses (Jubilee and CORD). Then what with the other new term,Running Mate which was a very foreign idea in Kenya? But what actually makes me happy is the lies that puts the tales of ‘Why Hyena hates Kaka Sungura’ to shame.

Has any of you seen any of the 5 stadia built from the ground and the old ones brought to International standards? I pass near City Stadium and Nyayo Stadium frequently and they remain the same. So frequently have we heard about the Multi billion laptop project for all schools and the electrification of all schools but all these ideas, noble as they may seem, only play in our law courts due to unprocedural tender-awarding schemes that reek to high heavens of corruption ,bribery and blatant and shameless indifference to the laid-down laws and procedures.

Politicians might or might not have promised us about 25M jobs by the end of their tenure. They might have or might not have delivered but then again, come 2017 we will be given ‘bundles mwitu’ and powerbanks and with that they will bank on our support to power.That’s is no problem of mine or yours though, I bet. My problem is that we have weak systems in place. The Legislature has been compromised and the Judiciary is…….well under siege and these allegations that are being banded about of money-in-exchange for justice never did anyone any good.

Meanwhile in Israel, baba Ngina mentioned how Kenyans have devised new ways of stealing and are never easily caught but then those seated there erred. They should have reminded him he is C-I-C and CEO of our republic, the strongest man and a symbol of our national pride and unity and he should know what to do when Kenyans have come up with new con games. After all we have the NIS who should monitor internal security and our economy and how government money,especially since huge sums are involved, moves should never happen as haphazardly as is happening. Or maybe the president actually knows about these things as they are happening and can’t do a thing. Am just thinking.

All these are happening in a country that has no more than 100 ICU beds, the renal units in public hospitals are few and strained and so are the doctors and nurses. This is a sad and seriously unfortunate affair more than a half a century since we became independent.

At least there was a glimmer of hope during the last regime.Roads were built, universities were opened though many largely blamed them for diluting education levels, at least we had some order in the transport industry with Former Minister, John Michuki, and largely we had a growing economy. Not many positives can be quoted currently. There is an increased debt and we won’t talk of the maddening and bewildering levels of graft. It is scary knowing we will pay a debt which,in actual sense, never did any mwananchi any good. It is scary.

We may never see the laptops. We may never see the 5 stada. The SGR may never see the light of day but can you Mr. President, do something about our runaway corruption? Please.



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