Instagram’s new security feature to keep hackers off your account

A good number of people especially the renowned celebrities have found their accounts temporarily inaccessible, and until now, it has required only a username and password to break in. That’s changing today now that Instagram is beginning to roll out two-factor authentication that should have actually came sooner.

While Facebook-owned Instagram is yet to make an official announcement, it confirmed to TechCrunch on Tuesday that it’s currently in the process of offering the verification process to its users.

Instagram’s two-factor authentication will allow its users to add a phone number where Instagram can send an authentication code to if an account is accessed from an unverified gadget. The code must then be entered, along with the username and password to gain access. So don’t lose your phone. And don’t give away your password.

It’s an optional security feature, so you don’t have to use it, but for the hassle it could potentially save down the line – imagine a hacker deleting all your photos or posting their own potentially dodgy images – you’d be sensible to set it up.

The extra layer of security will certainly come as a relief to brands and celebrities whose accounts are likely to be of more interest to hackers.



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