Valentine’s Day: Honouring Love for a Worthy Cause

It’s that time of the year where women act so humble and innocent because they have to put their husbands or lovers in the love mode. It’s all about honoring love with the one closest or in your heart.

For many years,it’s always been the cliché way of celebrating where lovers go out for dinner or on a romantic cruise or do stuff to ignite their deeper feelings for each other.

My editor thinks people need to grow up and embrace other diverse ways of celebrating love. Maybe for a charitable cause. In fact, she wants me to tell you of ways humans are going to use to avoid spending Valentine’s Day with their loved ones. Honestly I can think of a million ways and why some are very original and some,well…..not so. I am trying to come up with ingenious ways of avoiding that topic but simply can’t.

Honestly my editor is not serious.Why would you expect me to write about a randy man who may have told his WAG(wife and/or Girlfriend) that he is going for a 3-day seminar in Kisumu or Naivasha so he could be with his other (obviously newly acquired) girlfriend? Why not just let him be? I would rather write about actual problems which are part of us.They are so normal nobody notices them.Attachment to inanimate things such as a particular shirt that served you back in 2005 while still in high school and has now faded and is two sizes smaller than you? Or those shoes which lost a heel while you were running to work last year.You well know you won’t replace that heel or sole but can’t bring yourself to throwing the pair or giving it away.These are the serious issues affecting ordinary mwananchi that I should be allowed to write about and maybe the serious people at Bunge might come up with legislation on how to deal with loss of things we have attached sentimental value to. Sharon!

Why would I write about a lady who stagemanaged a fight with her man so she would go out with her other man this Valentine? Why would I write about her when clearly she might be having more fun than I am then come next week she will get an apology for an otherwise inconsequential,nonexistent mistake from an otherwise stressed,honest Kenyan man?

Why not write about letter writing? I mean letter writing was an art by itself and at least when people wrote letters they attached their feelings to the written material. The sender and receiver connected and nothing beats the joy of actually going to the post office and actually getting a letter from your loved one. Some were thoughtful enough to put a note or two inside and a photo. Nowadays personal letters….well,nobody writes them anymore. Maybe someone can talk to people again to start writing letters.

Humans are a crazy race you know. This I thought as I took an almighty sip of my tea and looked up the roof,brooding over life,liberty and pursuit of happiness-my life,my liberty and my happiness. I reflected. I decided not to take a world full of pestilence, violence and happenstance seriously. I would continue to drink every drink as the last one .

Meanwhile Sharon, am not writing anything about an egoistic people who couldn’t even think of cleaning up a dirty neighbourhood or visiting a children’s home near them or visiting a hospital. I believe Valentine’s day is a great day to show our love to all and sundry mostly the less fortunate ones. Now that,that I could write.

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