Enjoy KCB Easy Taxi Rides at 14 Shillings!

Ever paid sh 14 for a taxi ride? I know it doesn’t sound real. But this is happening and you get to enjoy this almost free ride on Valentine’s Day.

KCB has today partnered with EASY Taxi to launch a valentine’s campaign which will see Pepea card users enjoy rides worth Kshs.1000 at the cost of Kshs.14 within Nairobi and its environs.

This comes as a follow up of KCB’s partnership which was launched last year December, a partnership with Easy taxi-an online taxi service which enables customers to pay for their taxi rides using KCB Pepea Debit card.

The campaign will run on February 14th for 14 hours – 8.00am to 10.00pm. That’s more than enough time for lovers to go out for their dates and get back home no? Easy Taxi will dispatch 500 taxis for all your riding pleasure.

KCB will use this campaign to enhance the cash lite agenda by fulfilling its mission in providing efficiency while growing market share through partnerships.

 How it works

To participate in the competition, Participants will be required to have a KCB Pepea card and download the Easy Taxi mobile app in order to request for the cab and claim your ride. One shall then use their KCB Pepea card to pay for the cab ride which will cost Ksh 14 only, for rides worth up to Kshs 1,000.

If your ride costs more than Kshs 1,000, the offer will only apply up to Kshs 1,000, and you will be required to pay for the additional amount e.g If your cab ride costs Kshs 1,500, your pay Kshs 14 and top up with the extra Kshs 500 only, totaling Kshs 514.


Happy Valentine.




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