Writer’s Block: Confession Time

Have you ever wanted to write something and have no idea what it is? You sit in front of the computer and stare at the blank screen fidgeting with the keypads knowing you can write about global warming, women empowerment, FGM, racism and tribalism and nepotism and corruption and the list goes on but you simply cannot write.

I woke up Thursday morning feeling just like that .Then an idea lights my mind like a bulb. I should write about betting agencies and betting as a vice. Bingo! So I write and sleep knowing I have done my day’s job then morning comes, and the document is simply not opening. But why Lord? Why?

Honestly? I bet these are the job risks.
Should I say something about corruption? No. That is too serious a topic and I am too unserious a person and why would I write about something which clearly is the source of income for many. Then again why fight something I can never win against? In this fight against corruption I am on the side of corruption. I want to be on winning side. Sorry.

Should I write about environmental conservative? Theoretically I can, as a scientist, but then again that is serious stuff. Not serious enough. Sorry. Maybe I can write about women empowerment. Writing is easy. Thinking on what to write about is the difficult part.

Women empowerment was a popular topic as we grew up. It always started with telling us that women were equal if not better than men in everything but they still needed protection from men, I bet. It was a nice topic for NGOs which had sprouted everywhere to fight for the rights of the girl child. The world so much focused on the girl child we forgot the boy child. Years later?

Women are well educated, or at least sufficiently educated, have jobs, are financially stable and they are now fighting with men for political power. All is well. Personally I am happy.

Now this is the start of the problem. I know you’ve heard the phrase ‘zangu ni zangu. Zako ni zetu’ which roughly means that a man should provide everything for family without questioning the lady of the house what she does with her money. Really now? Really? Those who front for the phrase will defend it by saying our forefathers provided everything for their families. What they forget is that our grandmas who were less educated tilled land, grew crops and tended to animals hence food never lacked. Not many families paid rent and inflation was well low. Anyway I so believe couples can discuss issues of cash before settling. Personally I won’t be comfortable with that ‘zangu ni zangu. Zako ni zetu’ phrase.

Valentine’s is around the corner. It is on a Sunday which is a nonworking day which makes it a great family day. Who better to spend it with than family? Tell me who?  Going out with family would be great but if you are broke just being there, with them would also work.

Flowers. Chocolates. Dinner dates. A night at Vila Rosa. A weekend in South Africa. A Range Rover Sports Car as a gift. A day in Church. A day at the theatre. A movie at home. Visiting relatives. Doing nothing. Reading. Sleeping. Whatever you do ensure you make someone happy.

Let our religion and happiness be the scripture.

And finally I got something to write about.



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